Scrum Skeptics: How to Address Leadership’s Most Common Concerns

Scrum Inc. COO Alex Brown explains how to address one of the most common knee-jerk reactions from senior management when it comes to implementing Scrum: “We can’t do that here.”

Most Common Scrum Concerns | OpenView Labs

If you’ve ever tried to convince a skeptical senior executive to give Scrum a shot then you’ve likely experienced a fair amount of pain and frustration. In worst-case scenarios, it can feel as though you’re repeatedly banging your head against the wall.

Unfortunately, anti-Scrum bias can exist, and it’s often the byproduct of poor understanding or misinformation. Typically, it boils down to one of two concerns: Either the company’s product is too complicated to fit into a short Scrum sprint, or the business lacks the manpower to perform all the testing that needs to be completed in a sprint.


5 Ways to Combat Slow Summer Sales

Slow summer sales got you down? Cheer up — just because your prospects aren’t buying now, it doesn’t mean they’re not planning for the Fall. Sales expert Mike Brooks explains how the best way to combat a slow summer is planning for a successful fall.

5 Ways to Combat Slow Summer Sales | OpenView Labs

I don’t know about you, but two days before July 4th business started slowing down and after the holiday, it seemed to practically stop. We do have business, but the pace — the new leads and especially the urgency of the first half of the year — seems like it’s grinding to a halt.


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Strictly Sales Episode 8: How to Work Trade Shows

Sales executive and educator Jeff Hoffman shares the secrets to getting big results from trade shows in this episode of Strictly Sales.

Strictly Sales: How to Work Trade Shows | OpenView Labs

It doesn’t take long to get burnt out and discouraged from going to trade shows. After a few long days of meaningless mingling in over-crowded convention halls, it can be hard to find to motivation to go to them. But that’s because you’re going about them all wrong. Luckily, sales executive and educator Jeff Hoffman has some pointers on what to do to ensure you get the most out of the investment and come back to your boss with real results.


How to Explain Scrum to Management

Pushing for your organization to adopt Scrum? Alex Brown, Scrum Inc. COO, explains the key is to frame the conversation in terms management can better appreciate and understand.

explaining scrum

When software companies build a product for a particular customer segment, they often start by putting themselves in their customers’ shoes. What pain points need to be addressed? Which features would be most valuable? And, ultimately, how will the product make those customers’ lives easier?

When software company teams want to encourage their management teams to implement Scrum, Alex Brown, COO of Scrum Inc., says those teams should approach that conversation the same way — by putting themselves in their leaders’ shoes and focusing in on the real value of Scrum to the company’s bottom line.


How to Hire: The Most Important Quality of a Winning Customer Success Team

San Francisco-based API management platform Mashery understands that its people are its biggest asset — and that’s particularly true of the company’s Customer Success function. Mashery Head of Global Customer Success, Boaz Maor, reveals the one quality he looks for when hiring for customer success.

Hiring For Customer Success | OpenView Labs

When leading API management solution Mashery kicks off a search to add a new employee to its growing Customer Success team, the company typically receives and reviews resumes from people with a variety of backgrounds. Some have worked in sales, marketing, IT, or product management. Others have a more direct history in customer service, professional services or support.


Strictly Sales Episode 7: 5 Keys to a Remarkable Elevator Pitch

Sales executive and educator Jeff Hoffman shares his secrets to an effective elevator pitch that will leave your prospect wanting more.

Strictly Sales Episode 7: Elevator Pitches | OpenView Labs

Whether you’re catching your prospect on the phone, or via email, you typically only have a short window to let them know what your company and your solution is all about. But while the tendency can be to try to cover all the bases as quickly as possible, according to sales executive and trainer Jeff Hoffman, that’s an urge reps need to resist at all costs.


3 Things to Have Down Cold Before Scaling Your Team

Is your hiring process keeping up with your plans for growth? Monetate VP of People Ben Russell outlines three core responsibilities you need to take on in order to prepare your team to scale.

How to Prep for Scaling Your Team | OpenView Labs

Sometimes growth happens when you least expect it. Before you know it, your product is taking off and you find yourself in an enviable, but still difficult position — you need more hands-on-deck, stat. The last thing you want is to be caught scrambling for new hires and put into a position where you’re rushing decisions that will have such a significant, lasting impact on your success.