Success Secrets for Incoming CMOs

What are the most important things you can do as a new Chief Marking Officer to ensure success in your role? Jeanne Hopkins, Senior VP & CMO at Continuum Managed IT Services, shares what (and what not) to do to avoid the revolving door.

 Incoming CMO Success Secrets | OpenView Labs

Today’s startup and expansion-stage CMOs have it anything but easy. Not only do they face the tall order of executing an efficient and effective go-to-market strategy resulting in a steady pipeline of qualified leads, they also often operate with precious little room or leeway for error. From the minute they walk in they’re on the proverbial hot seat, and if they can’t clearly justify the ROI of their programs and quickly deliver results, it’s likely a seat they won’t be sitting in for long.

Drawing from her solid track record of success managing data-driven, high-velocity marketing programs at high-growth SaaS companies, Continuum Managed IT Services Senior VP & CMO Jeanne Hopkins explains how incoming CMOs can actively set the stage to flourish in their new position.


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You Can’t Price Software Without Focus

Picking a number is actually the last step in a successful pricing process. Value management and pricing strategy consultant Steven Forth breaks down what you need to do first.

B2B Pricing Strategy Process: Focus First | OpenView Labs

Pricing matters at early-stage growth companies because it brings into focus all the work you are doing to a) understand your customers; and b) define the value you’re creating for them. In fact, you should really have a firm grasp on how you can do both — by implementing customer segmentation and developing differentiated value propositions — in order to set a solid foundation for discussing and establishing price in the first place.


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Finance Maturity Assessment: Is Your Team — and CFO — Equipped for Growth?

Top-performing companies are asking more and more of their CFO and Finance team. Find out where your team stands and where you need to improve to successfully guide your company through growth.

Finance Maturity Assessment for CFOs | OpenView Labs

In 2006, global management consulting firm Accenture published a study that found a convincing correlation (70 percent) between a company’s mastery of a particular business function and its likelihood of consistently outperforming industry peers over multiple economic cycles. Interestingly, Accenture’s research revealed, it wasn’t always the companies with the biggest market presence, brand awareness, or highest-profile CEO that performed the best. Instead, the highest-performing companies were the ones that had mastered Finance.


10 Signs You’re Doing Social Selling Wrong

Social selling evangelist Jill Rowley calls out 10 common mistakes that indicate you’re sending and receiving the wrong message.

10 Signs You're Doing Social Selling Wrong | OpenView Labs

More and more salespeople are recognizing how essential social selling is to connecting and engaging with today’s modern buyers who are digitally driven, socially connected, mobile with multiple devices, and real-time empowered. Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of misunderstanding out there, and just because reps see the need and opportunity doesn’t mean they’re doing it right.

Here are 10 signs you need to rethink your approach to social selling in order to leverage it effectively and achieve business results.


Board Meeting Best Practices for CMOs

As a CMO you want to make a good impression on the board of directors. But what exactly are they looking for? Lattice Engines CMO Brian Kardon shares his tips for delivering a presentation that won’t disappoint.

Board Meeting Best Practices for CMOs | OpenView Labs

For many Chief Marketing Officers, preparing for board meetings can be one of the more stressful aspects of the job. What are board members really looking for you to present on, and what don’t they want to see?

In the video below, Lattice Engines CMO Brian Kardon shares the insights he’s picked up during his career at Eloqua, Forrester, and more, providing tips for what CMOs can do prior to and during a board meeting to ensure they gain the respect of the board of directors and leave them impressed.


The Formula for Creating Ridiculously Good Content: Q&A with Ann Handley

If you have a website, you’re a publisher. And if you’re a publisher, that means everyone on your team should be writing. Bestselling author and MarketingProfs Chief Content Officer Ann Handley lays out a simple formula for producing ridiculously good content.

Ann Handley's Formula for Creating Great Content | OpenView Labs

Before Ann Handley became a globally-recognized speaker and content marketing guru, and well before she staked her claim as the world’s first Chief Content Officer, she was something much simpler: A writer. No fancy titles. No fluffy job description. No marketing metrics or analytics background. Just a writer.


The Truth About Social Selling: 5 Keys to Rock-Solid Results (Webinar)

The Queen of Social Selling Jill Rowley gets brutally honest about one of the hottest — and most misunderstood — topics in sales.

Social Selling Webinar with Jill Rowley | OpenView Labs

There’s a lot of hype around social selling these days, and unfortunately along with that hype comes a lot of misinformation and confusion. As a result, there are a lot of questions — Is it just about turning reps into stalkers on LinkedIn? Does it even work for B2B? Can it replace prospecting altogether? — and also open debate that, while interesting, ultimately isn’t very helpful to managers and sales reps who simply want to move the needle.

Social selling evangelist Jill Rowley is prepared to tell you the truth about social selling. The question is: Can you handle it?


3 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a VP Sales

If there’s one hire you can’t afford to get wrong, it’s VP of Sales. Yet that’s exactly what many startups do. SaaS sales experts Jason Lemkin and Aaron Ross share three of the worst mistakes to avoid.

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As SaaS expert and Storm Ventures Managing Director Jason Lemkin put it in his 2013 Sales Hacker Conference presentation, “70% of Saas First VP Sales don’t make it to 12 Months. It’s one of the most common, and also most devastating mishires in startups.”

What can companies do to avoid sinking their time and resources into a bad hire? That’s one of the topics Lemkin and Aaron Ross, co-authors of The Predictable Revenue Guide to Tripling Your Sales, tackled in our recent webinar Ask Me Anything: Aaron Ross & Jason Lemkin on How to Build a Winning Sales Team.