How to Screen B2B Prospects Automatically Using a Web Spider

Here at OpenView, we understand how important qualifying prospects is to scaling success for our portfolio companies. In this post, we’ve outlined how to screen B2B prospects automatically using a web spider, from defining the right customers to optimizing your approach and algorithm.

How to Screen Prospects Automatically Using a Web Spider

“How do I find more customers?”

As the principle concern of the sales and marketing function at any company, many of our portfolio companies ask OpenView Labs this question.


Get Disruptive: A Bold Strategy for Taking Down Your Big Competitors

Go big or go home. Method founders Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan saw a way to turn their company’s smaller size into a disruptive competitive advantage. With these five secrets to their success, so can you.

Disrupt your market by using your size as a competitive advantage

Editor’s note: All month long we’re featuring stories of small businesses that turned the tables on their market Goliaths. We learned how Yammer used its size as a competitive advantage, and now Nick Petri reveals the bold strategy Method used to break into an industry dominated by three firmly entrenched giants.


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UX-ceptional: 5 User Experience Infographics You Need to See

Now more than ever, top notch user experience isn’t just a competitive advantage, it’s the difference between failure and success.

user experience infographics 3

In the past decade, companies like Apple have taken user experience to a whole new level, and as a result the bar has been raised for everyone else. Users now expect an easy-to-navigate interface and flawless user experience from every product and company – and, yes, that even includes B2B. Subpar user experience is an anchor that can drag down even the most promising products.


What Qualifies as a B2B Marketing Channel?

Editor’s note: For a more complete guide to B2B marketing channels download OpenView’s free eBook, Discovery Channel: A Guide to Identifying and Prioritizing Optimal Marketing Channels By our definition, marketing channels are distinct conduits through which a company’s message can reach its target prospects. Generally speaking, channels can include people, events, technology, and organizations, provided those outlets offer a medium for connecting a business with its prospective customers. Marketing channels are not to be confused with the content deployed through them. For instance, while the artwork and copy displayed on a billboard can employ a range of tactics and take…

The 5 Go-to-Market Influencers You Need to Know

OpenView Labs scoured the Internet to find the most qualified experts who can help your company develop a cohesive go-to-market strategy.

A go-to-market strategy is a unified, multi-disciplinary approach to bringing products and services to the marketplace. While many companies have traditionally treated their marketing, sales, customer service, and product teams as autonomous functions with little interaction, those with a well-developed go-to-market strategy bring these functions together to help achieve profitable growth.


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