Software Developers — Think Before You Build!

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In the software world, there are often two distinct camps when it comes to product development: build first and ask questions later, or think first and build later. Fred Engel, the founder and CEO of management and advisory firm Westerly Consulting, favors the latter and explains why in a guest post for On Product Management. In the full article, Engel writes that there’s never an excuse to not think before building (using what he calls “Thought Experiments”), largely because that approach allows you to better understand the problem, assess risk, and bring…

Making Sense of Google’s AdWords Auction System

By now, most people recognize the terms “search marketing.” But can you honestly explain how platforms like Google AdWords work?

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If not, Elisa Gabbert brings some clarity to both in a great article for VentureFizz. Gabbert, a senior marketing copywriter for WordStream, shares an infographic that her company produced that illustrates the ins and outs of Google’s AdWords auction and shows how online marketers can better leverage it in their search marketing strategies. Among the most interesting tidbits from her article: The most prized Google AdWords auction items include these four keywords:…

Why One Organization Says Startups Don’t Need Silicon Valley

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When most people are asked to name the hotbed of high tech, they immediately think of Silicon Valley, home to technology behemoths Apple, Adobe Systems, eBay, Intel, and Oracle, and some of the fastest growing tech startups in the world. While they wouldn’t be wrong, it’s also true that technology startups are beginning to sprout up all over the country, too — in places like Boise, Id., and Providence, Rhode Island. And, as Eric Markowitz writes for, the Startup America Partnership is doing its best to provide opportunity to those companies…