Are American Entrepreneurs Stuck in a Domestic Bubble?

According to most historians, the biggest driver of the American economy in the 20th century was the rise of the middle class and the myriad companies that formed to serve it.

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And while much of the Fortune 500 grew up by focusing on that middle class, VentureBeat contributor Joshua Green writes that unless modern entrepreneurs begin looking for opportunity beyond American borders, then the United States is likely on the verge of a significant bubble bursting. No, Green isn’t talking about a typical tech bubble (although he argues the country is probably…

3 Questions to Ask When Targeting Your First Customers

So, you’re a software engineer with a great idea. You quit your job and spend a year developing a product that you think is not only better than anything else on the market, but also has the potential to appeal to a huge customer base.

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Now it’s time to sell it. But you haven’t done any research on your target customers. You don’t know their pain points and you haven’t researched their needs or budgets. And now, you’ve got (what you think is) a great product and no idea how to convince…

Why Startups Don’t Have to Settle for Subpar 401(k) Plans

For years, many startup and expansion stage founders or CFOs have been charged with setting up 401(k) plans for their employees that paled in comparison to the ones offered by their larger corporate competitors.

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As Allan S. Roth discusses in an excellent article for, those small business 401(k) plans were wrought with fees that were so well disguised that most employees investing in them didn’t know how badly they were being gouged. As a result, Roth points out, that left startup founders to make one of two choices: either pay high…

Looking for the Hottest Internet Startups? Check Abroad

Over the last few years, a few domestic internet startups have captured headlines with eye-popping IPOs (see: Google, LinkedIn, and, sometime in 2012, Facebook).

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But through all of that hullabaloo, have U.S.-based entrepreneurs, VCs, and LPs hoping for the biggest cash windfall at exit failed to look at the bigger, more global picture? According to VentureBeat’s Glenn Solomon, that might be the case. Solomon cites a recent graphic released by investment banking firm Cowen and Company that found that only six of the 116 publicly-traded internet companies in the world are projected…

Why Some Founding CEOs Are More Likely to Be Replaced

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For some startup or expansion stage founders there comes a time when they need to either pass the baton as the chief executive of their company, or risk being ousted by the board of their venture backed company. And whenever the latter is the case, writes Altos Ventures general partner Ho Nam in a post on his blog, it can be a pretty delicate and awkward situation. Granted, Nam says that the decision to replace a CEO is never taken lightly and his firm’s preference is to keep and mentor founding CEOs.…

6 Ways to Cultivate Idea Leadership and Innovative Spirit

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A lot of technology companies claim that innovation and idea creation are important components of their corporate culture. But, as Leigh Steere writes in a blog post for the Lead Change Group, too few companies actually commit to letting their “idea people” prosper, instead squashing that innovative spirit when they propose somewhat radical process improvements or product concepts. Steere decided to explore the issue a bit further, interviewing IBM Fellow John Cohn, who has been an idea powerhouse at IBM for 29 years. That conversation yielded six nuggets of wisdom for employers…

Link Building: 5 Strategies to Compete With the Big Brands

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In some aspects of business (and life), the little guys always seem to have to work harder, smarter, and faster than their bigger, more powerful competitors if they want any chance of beating them. And, as Jason Acidre writes on his blog KaiserTheSage, it’s no different in the world of SEO. After all, link building can be an exhausting and frustrating process for a resource-strapped startup or expansion stage business, especially if your primary competitors are long-standing, well-funded corporations with entire departments dedicated to search marketing. So how can you combat them?…

9 Metrics That Every Startup Should Be Tracking

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Depending on the department, function, role, or operation they’re measuring, there are myriad metrics businesses can use to better understand their organization’s overall performance. And while none are more important than revenue growth, writes KISS Metrics VP of Marketing Neil Patel, there are nine traditional metrics that startups and growth stage companies MUST track to chart their progress and make critical business decisions. In a recent post on his blog, Patel shares each of those metrics and explains in simple terms why each one matters to young companies. Of course, time and…