Is Your Fear of Pushing Boundaries Stagnating Your Growth?

Dan Waldschmidt doesn’t have any problem admitting that he’s cut from a different business cloth. In fact, the successful entrepreneur and business strategist, who started his first company when he was 12-years-old, sees his somewhat rebellious style as his biggest value proposition. That style boils down to this: Waldschmidt believes that business as usual is a recipe for stagnancy and mediocrity, and companies that play it safe have very little chance of driving significant growth. He prefers a much more aggressive, honest approach that he believes gets to the core of what really makes businesses successful. He calls that strategy…

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Why Startup Fundraising is No Different Than Closing a Sale

Image provided by: {link:}Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot{/link} Startup and expansion stage founders’ first foray into raising capital can be a confusing, daunting, and, in some instances, stressful experience. But serial entrepreneur and current venture capitalist Mark Suster says in a post on his blog that there’s a fairly easy way to simplify what can be a very complex process: Treat fundraising like a sale. Suster, who has raised A-D rounds for two companies and heard numerous pitches as a VC, says that whether you’re seeking capital from investors, borrowing from friends and family, or trying to secure a…

Aligning Sales and Product Management: One Way to Win More Business

Sales and product teams aren’t typically the best of friends. But aligning sales and product management can go a long way toward building a stronger company.

aligning sales and product management

When it comes to aligning sales and product management teams in expansion-stage businesses, the relationship should come natural. After all, says product manager Jock Busuttil, customers need something, the product team can build it, and the sales team can sell it — which means creating that alignment should be the simplest thing a technology business does. Unfortunately, Busuttil explains in a post for Business 2 Community, that’s not usually how it works.

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Video Marketing: 5 Steps to Capitalizing on the Video Boom

Online and tablet videos are a red hot content marketing currency — and they’re about to get hotter. Find out how to take advantage of the video marketing boom.

video marketing

With more than four billion hours of video watched on YouTube every month and some research suggesting that customers that watch a brand’s video are 85 percent more likely to purchase that companies’ products or services, it’s no wonder why video marketing is all the rage today. And that excitement is only going to grow over the next five years, says videographer Kerrin Sheldon in a guest post for FastCompany. Is your company positioned to embrace and capitalize on that video boom?

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Cracking the Code: 5 Tips for Communicating with Software Developers

For most non-technical entrepreneurs, communicating with sales, marketing, and customer service team members is easy. Communicating with software developers? Well, that can be a bit more challenging.

communicating with software developers

In a perfect world, all of the employees in high-tech companies would speak the same business language. That way, founders and CEOs could communicate their vision in one fell swoop — saving themselves time and frustration, and ensuring that everyone would be on the same page. Unfortunately,  that’s not really how it works. In fact, as Nelly Yusupova writes for Entrepreneur, communicating with software developers often requires non-technical entrepreneurs to different approach entirely.


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3 Sales Scripts to Conquer Common Sales Objections

Sales can sometimes feel like you’re repeatedly slamming your head against the wall. Unless, of course, you’re well prepared to overcome the most common sales objections.

sales objections

Most seasoned salespeople have heard them before. “I can get a cheaper solution from another vendor,” or “I didn’t have a good experience with your company in the past.” Both are the kind of common — and cliche — sales objections that drive sales pros nuts. But as respected sales pro Tom Hopkins tells’s Geoffery James, all you really need to overcome those sales objections is a good script, a smile, and a little persistence.


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Brand Marketing and Big Data: Are You Ready for Marketing’s New Era?

Big Data is here to stay, and it’s creating significant brand marketing opportunities for savvy marketers. Are you prepared to embrace it?

brand marketing

In a guest post for Branding Strategy Insider, J. Walker Smith, Executive Chairman of the The Futures Company, writes that like Noah and The Flood, marketing insiders and media types alike have been foretelling the era of Big Data for some time now. Yet, as it relates to brand marketing, few B2B marketers seem to really understand it and even fewer seem to be embracing it effectively.

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Heaving a Hail Mary: Football Lessons for Launching a Product

It might not be the most obvious analogy, but football can teach startup founders and technology entrepreneurs quite a bit about launching a product.

launching a product

Like an NFL team with a sputtering offense and a porous defense, many startup and expansion-stage technology companies struggle with the process of launching a product. Inevitably, writes Jeff Lash on his blog How to Be a Good Product Manager, that results in ineffective and costly go-to-market failures that leave those companies with no choice but to heave a Hail Mary.

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