How Smart Startups Get More Customers: Q&A with Justin Mares, co-author of Traction

Traction co-author Justin Mares shares the framework behind some of the most successful customer acquisition approaches.

Smart Customer Acquisition: Justin Mares | OpenView Labs

When note-taking and collaboration app Evernote launched in 2007, it was one of the first third-party developers to begin creating applications for the first version of the iPhone, which Apple had released around the same time. So, naturally, when Apple launched the App Store in 2008 as a marketplace for those types of applications, Evernote was also one of the first companies to move all-in on that channel.

That decision proved to be a good one for Evernote, which managed to ride the wave of undivided attention on the App Store to the tune of more than one million users by May 2009.


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Marketing Leadership Workshop: Photo Recap

In early November, OpenView hosted an exclusive workshop covering high-priority marketing topics for expansion-stage executives to help them plan for 2015. Here are some photos from the event below:

For a full recap of the workshop, see “What Happens When You Bring 50 Seasoned B2B Marketers Under One Roof.”

Background Videos: Tech’s Hottest Homepage Trend or Passing Fad?

More and more tech companies are turning to the innovative use of video as backgrounds on their homepages. Is it the wave of the future or just another flash in the pan?


You’ve probably noticed them by this point. How could you not? Homepages everywhere are coming to life. Airbnb,, HubSpot. Where you’d once expect to see static background images now you’re surprised to see short video clips in motion.

Sure, they’re novel and eye-catching now, but are these new background videos just another flashy fad, or are they conveying something more?

I turned to creative director Keith Frankel, Host of CreativeMornings Boston and former Head of Creative and Design at HubSpot, to get his verdict.


The Walking Dead Marketing Tactics: 13 Outdated Tactics We Should Bury for Good

13 of today’s top marketers let loose on the tactics they wish would go bump and disappear in the night.


Some marketing tactics just won’t give up the ghost. Despite all evidence pointing to their ineffectiveness, companies continue to resurrect and (mis)use them. From keyword-stuffing to QR codes, these are the things that give prospects and good marketers everywhere the chills.


Predictive Lead Scoring Made Simple

What is predictive lead scoring? Here’s a quick, no-nonsense breakdown of what it is and why it’s gaining so much traction in B2B.

What is Predictivie Lead Scoring? | OpenView Labs

With more and more B2B companies flocking to predictive lead scoring (14x more than in 2011) and more vendors like Mintigo, Lattice Engines, Infer, Fliptop, and others offering it as a service, it raises a simple but important question: what the heck is predictive lead scoring, anyway?


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Content Marketing 101: Your Ultimate Resources Guide

Your one-stop collection of actionable tips, tools, and resources to take your content marketing to the next level.

 Ulimate Content Marketing Resources Guide | OpenView Labs

Editor’s note: This is a living document, and our goal is to update it regularly with the best content marketing resources available. Have a suggested link we should add? Let us know in the comments below.


The Best Content Formats for Each Stage of the Buyer Journey

Buyers are bombarded by more and more content every day. Learn how to rise above the noise (and make better use of your resources) by creating content specifically targeted for each stage of their buyer journey.

 Content Types for Targeting Each Step of the Buyer Journey | OpenView Labs

If you’re creating content simply for the sake of having a blog or because you’ve been told you should, don’t expect to see big results. In order to make content marketing truly worthwhile, you need to take a strategic and systematic approach. It starts with breaking down your target customers’ buying journeys, and identifying “sticking points” where they are getting caught up and failing to convert. From there, you can focus your efforts on attacking those bottlenecks and “unsticking” more and more potential buyers with the right content in the right context at the right time.


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3 Warning Signs Your B2B Marketing Lacks Confidence

B2B marketing has a bad rap. It’s bland. It’s boring. It’s cold and impersonal. It’s more of the same and it’s easy to forget. That’s because the vast majority of it is missing one crucial thing.

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If your messaging is falling flat chances are it’s missing one crucial thing: confidence. The following is a preview from our upcoming webinar with B2B marketing strategist Doug Kessler on Tuesday, August 5th at Noon ET. Dive in and sign up now to learn how you can create more effective messaging.