Reaching the Startup Tipping Point: When We Knew We Had a Real Company

It’s the moment every entrepreneur lives for — reaching the startup tipping point when you know your idea is actually a viable business. But as UnboundID founder and CEO Steve Shoaff recalls, as exhilarating as that moment is, it also means the pressure is officially on.

Reaching the Startup Tipping Point: When We Knew We Had a Real Company

Whether you kicked off your company in your garage (hello, HP, Google, and Apple) at your kitchen table, or in a more official setting, there is one key milestone every entrepreneur strives to reach: Realizing that you have, in fact, built a real business.

In this edition of OpenView’s Founder’s Corner, UnboundID founder and CEO Steve Shoaff remembers the excitement and celebration that came with that moment — as well as all the questions and uncertainty that soon followed. The result is a candid look at what tends to be the untold side of many entrepreneurs’ founding stories.


4 Keys to Building an Agile Content Marketing Team

Developing an in-house content marketing function doesn’t have to break the bank. You might be surprised at how much you can accomplish with the right structure and processes in place.

Keys to Building an Agile Content Marketing Team

If you’re approaching content marketing as a nifty side project for your existing marketing team to take on, chances are you’re not getting anywhere close to the amount of traction and scalable results you need. If you really want to move the needle you’re going to have to build a team whose sole focus is getting your content machine up and running at full speed.


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The Quick Guide to Launching an Email Newsletter

Launching an email newsletter is a simple and effective way to promote your content, drive website traffic, develop brand awareness, encourage engagement, and produce leads. This quick guide will walk you through the steps of how to create your own newsletter from start to send.

How to Create an Email Newsletter: Quick Guide from Start to Send

Why Create a Newsletter?

In an online world that’s growing more crowded by the day, it shouldn’t be shocking that highly interactive content formats like infographics, videos, and webcasts are all the rage among content marketers. After all, as we recently revealed in an exclusive report, deploying those formats often makes it easier to stand out in a sea of bland content, and they often facilitate more engaging conversation and idea sharing.

But that doesn’t mean that some tried and true content formats are now worthless.

In fact, for B2B technology companies, one “old school” content format in particular seems to be standing the test of time: eNewsletters — a collection of content that is regularly distributed to a subscriber base.


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A Quick Guide to Creating Compelling Infographics

Infographics are a red hot content marketing commodity. This guide to creating infographics will show you — from start to finish — what you need to create data visualizations that capture your customers’ attention.

A Quick Guide to Creating Compelling Infographics

Infographic of Infographics by Ivan Cash

It’s not difficult to figure out why B2B content marketers have fallen in love with creating infographics and data visualizations.

Not only are they an incredibly effective means for distilling complex information into an easily digestible visual format, they’re also highly engaging attention-grabbers that have been shown to drive higher social sharing, customer engagement, and prospect conversion.


Beginner’s Guide to Stunning Visual Content Marketing

When it comes to your content marketing strategy, creating striking visual content is no longer a “nice to have”. This guide explores the visual content revolution and offers easy how-to examples and advice for capturing and engaging your audience.

Beginner's Guide to Stunning Visual Content Marketing

When many companies approach content marketing for the first time they’re typically drawn to creating text-based content — blogs, articles, eBooks, social media posts, and white papers, among others. And they should be. A corporate blogging strategy and traditional content formats like reports and case studies are certainly part of a well-rounded content strategy.

But, increasingly, marketers are thinking “beyond the blog” and are finding it is the visual content — like infographics, videos, slide presentations, and, yes, even memes — that is making the biggest splash with their audiences.


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Labcast: Practical Content Marketing: Working Lessons and Real World Tips

Sure, content marketing is great in theory, but how do you develop a program that actually works in the real world?

Practical Content Marketing: Working Lessons and Tips

In this week’s Labcast, OpenView Managing Editor Jonathan Crowe takes listeners inside OpenView’s content factory to explain what it really takes to get a content marketing strategy up and running smoothly.


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Labcast: Social Media & Entrepreneurship Lessons from Triberr Founder Dino Dogan

In this week’s Labcast, Triberr founder Dino Dogan shares entrepreneurship lessons he has learned building a social business and explains why it is more imperative than ever for companies to amplify their reach.

Social Media & Entrepreneurship Lessons from Triberr Founder Dino Dogan

If you have ever written a blog, you know that aside from creating your actual posts, your next biggest challenge is often getting people to read your content. After all, with well over 180 million blogs floating around in the ether, there’s plenty of competition, no matter what topic you’re blogging about. That’s why it’s so important to promote your blog socially using Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or any of your other favorite social channels.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a huge following, it can be a real challenge trying to get traction with your blog. Many bloggers are lucky to get just a few tweets or shares for every post they write. The good news is that there is potential solution out there called Triberr that can make sharing your content a lot easier.


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Is 2013 the Year Social Finally Overtakes Search Traffic?

Adios search. Is social media finally set to become the premier vehicle for driving web traffic and customer engagement with your brand? Checking in on the latest volley in the battle of social vs. search.

social vs search traffic

For the last decade, search has dominated the B2B Internet marketing landscape. If you wanted to drive more eyes to your website and improve brand awareness, traditional wisdom suggested that you better be doing everything you can to improve your search ranking and SEO.

Today, however, the debate over the best way to drive traffic to your site, blog, sales content, or whatever else you want customers and prospects to see isn’t so one-sided. In fact, social media just might have something to say about which medium is the king of Web traffic.