Content Marketing 101: Your Ultimate Resources Guide

Your one-stop collection of actionable tips, tools, and resources to take your content marketing to the next level.

 Ulimate Content Marketing Resources Guide | OpenView Labs

Editor’s note: This is a living document, and our goal is to update it regularly with the best content marketing resources available. Have a suggested link we should add? Let us know in the comments below.


The Best Content Formats for Each Stage of the Buyer Journey

Buyers are bombarded by more and more content every day. Learn how to rise above the noise (and make better use of your resources) by creating content specifically targeted for each stage of their buyer journey.

 Content Types for Targeting Each Step of the Buyer Journey | OpenView Labs

If you’re creating content simply for the sake of having a blog or because you’ve been told you should, don’t expect to see big results. In order to make content marketing truly worthwhile, you need to take a strategic and systematic approach. It starts with breaking down your target customers’ buying journeys, and identifying “sticking points” where they are getting caught up and failing to convert. From there, you can focus your efforts on attacking those bottlenecks and “unsticking” more and more potential buyers with the right content in the right context at the right time.


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3 Warning Signs Your B2B Marketing Lacks Confidence

B2B marketing has a bad rap. It’s bland. It’s boring. It’s cold and impersonal. It’s more of the same and it’s easy to forget. That’s because the vast majority of it is missing one crucial thing.

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If your messaging is falling flat chances are it’s missing one crucial thing: confidence. The following is a preview from our upcoming webinar with B2B marketing strategist Doug Kessler on Tuesday, August 5th at Noon ET. Dive in and sign up now to learn how you can create more effective messaging.


Marketers: Sorry, But Your Opinions Don’t Matter Anymore

If Don Draper were still in the marketing game, he’d be trusting data more than his gut.

The New Don Draper: Data-Driven Marketers | OpenView Labs

If you’re a fan of Mad Men and watch the show religiously like I do, then you’ve probably caught yourself doing it at least once or twice — looking around your own office, with its open floor plan, the noticeable lack of ash treys and decanters, and marveling at how much things have changed since the “glory days” of ’60s advertising.


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Agile Lessons from the Most Innovative Team in World Cup History

How one of the most dominant soccer dynasties in history laid the agile blueprint for how you should build and manage your team.

Agile Management Lessons from Soccer's Most Innovative Dynasty In the history of soccer, there have been few teams as remarkably innovative and as relentlessly productive as the Dutch club Ajax in the late ’60s and early ’70s, and, subsequently, the Netherlands World Cup national team of 1974.


Interactive Content Marketing Tools: Brackify

These days, if you want your content to stand out and get noticed you’ve got to offer new and engaging experiences. Rising above the flood of blog posts, eBooks, and webinars can be a tall order, but there are tools that can help marketers get more creative and connect with their audience in unique new ways.

Interactive Content Marketing Tool: Brackify | OpenView Labs

In this new series I’ll be covering the latest tools to help you take a more innovative approach to content marketing. First up: Brackify.


Why You Need to Build for Scale from Day One

In the early days of your product, an explosion of users might seem like a faraway dream. But if you’re not preparing to scale even early on you’ll never be able to capitalize when it counts.


The fact is, you never know when you’ll experience a huge influx of users or interest in your product. If you’re not prepared to scale from the moment you start building, then you absolutely won’t be able to take advantage of that development when it happens. Steve Shoaff, CEO of UnboundID, recognizes that setting yourself up to scale right from the get go can be time consuming, but says it is ultimately worthwhile.


3 Crucial Questions to Ask New Sales Hires

How do you find the right sales people who can actually live up to their interview hype? By asking the right questions to make sure they’re the real deal.

3 Crucial Sales Hiring Interview Questions | OpenView Labs

When it comes to scaling a business, there’s no doubt that sales is one of the hardest roles to fill.

While there’s no shortage of salespeople in the work force today, there is a supply and demand imbalance for great salespeople. The challenge for sales managers and executives, of course, is trying to determine the subtle differences between A-players and C-players. After all, sales reps are wired to sell — and turning it on for job interviews is no different.