Keys to Managing Your New Lead Qualification Team

Turning a new lead qualification team into a well-oiled machine takes time, but focusing on these key elements will ensure it’s time well-spent and that a stronger, more productive sales pipeline is the result.

keys to managing a lead qualification team

If you’ve made the proper preparations your lead qualification team should have everything in place it needs to succeed. But no matter how good the game plan, you still have to ensure they execute, and it’s all but guaranteed things aren’t going to run 100% smoothly right out of the gate.


Steps to Launching a Lead Qualification Team

Is 2013 the year you bolster your pipeline with a lead qualification team? Here are the tips you need to ensure you’re fully prepared and that your launch goes off without a hitch.

launching a lead qualification team

What does it take to launch an effective lead qualification team? OpenView’s Director of Sales and Marketing Support Devon McDonald reveals that much of your team’s success lies in laying the groundwork with proper preparation.


Ask the Experts: What Key Things Do You Need in Place Before Launching a Lead Qualification Team?

In this first post of a four-part series, four industry experts share best practices for launching and managing a lead qualification team.

This week, in conjunction with a workshop OpenView is hosting on lead qualification management, we’ve gathered a panel of industry experts whose insight will help you tackle the biggest challenges lead qual managers face in building stronger pipelines and creating greater brand awareness for their companies.


Visualizing the Art of the Sale: 5 Amazing Sales Infographics

These five sales infographics bring new meaning to “the art of the sale.”

5 amazing sales infographics

Sales may be an art, but at the expansion stage it’s an art that has to deliver — quickly and consistently. Expansion-stage companies depend on highly functioning sales teams to generate revenue and fuel their growth, but it’s up to management to hire the best personnel and provide them with the right structure, motivation, and tools to set them up for success.