Marketers: Stop Chasing Perfection and Just Ship It

The concept of minimum viable product isn’t just for software developers. OpenView’s Devon McDonald explains how marketers can benefit from a “just ship it” mentality.

perfection is a mirage

Startup marketers often fancy themselves as the creative branch of their growing company’s brand — the artists tasked with crafting the perfect message for the perfect customer at the perfect time. The result of that sometimes-misguided sense of purpose is that marketers (and, at times, the expansion-stage companies they work for) generally become obsessed with the mirage of perfection.


What Happens When a Marketing Department Adopts Scrum

Adopting Scrum for Agile Marketing | OpenView Blog

Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with Richard Delahaye, the Director of Digital Marketing at Intronis at the Boston Agile Marketing Meetup. Intrigued by commitment to using Scrum (a form of Agile) to manage his team’s marketing efforts, I asked him to answer a few questions about his experiences, challenges and successes with the methodology.


Agile Marketing: How OpenView Uses Scrum

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 10.16.00 AM

I’ve been at OpenView for five years now, and have been using Scrum-inspired planning since Day 1. For many people, that comes as a surprise. After all, we’re not a team of software developers — we’re a team of growth strategists, marketers, recruiters, and analysts focused on providing operating support to OpenView’s portfolio companies. But while we have had to adapt our own approach to Scrum and consistently iterate to improve its effectiveness, at it’s core, what we and what agile development teams are doing when we talk about Scrum is very much the same.


Women in Tech Series: Body Language Tips that Will Boost Your Career


Here’s one of the weirdest intros you’re likely to read in a sales and marketing blog: Pause for a moment and take a look at your posture.

No, really. Look at how you’re sitting or standing. Are you hunched over with your chin resting on your palm? Or maybe you’re kicked back on a chair or a couch somewhere, your feet crossed and neck craned toward the screen. Are your arms folded, or are your hands in your pockets? Is there a perplexed look on your face?


6 Examples of Irresistible Lead-Generating Content

6 Examples of Lead-Generating Content | OpenView Blog

HubSpot’s Marketing Grader is a perfect example of a lead-generating piece of marketing content that people actually crave.

Content Marketing has taken on a life of it’s own over the last five years. Thanks to major players like HubspotContent Marketing Institute, and MarketingProfs, marketers everywhere feel empowered and prepared to dive head first into the wonderful world of content marketing.


Portfolio Spotlight: Meet Kareo VP of Sales Amyra Rand

Amyra Rand, VP Sales at KareoLast November Kareo brought on a new kickass VP of Sales: Amyra Rand. With 15 years of software experience, Amyra brings a passion for customer experience and a proven track record of building and managing world class sales teams that deliver results. We had the opportunity to meet Amyra last week at OpenView’s VP of Sales Workshop and talk to her about her decision to join Kareo, her special connection to small businesses, and the top quality she looks for in a new sales hire.


What Metrics Should You Track to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Outbound Lead Generation Team?

Not sure what to track? OpenView’s Devon McDonald identifies the lead generation metrics you need to determine the effectiveness of your team.

As you monitor the progress of your team, it’s important to choose the right lead generation metrics to stay abreast of what’s going on. According to Devon McDonald, Director of Sales and Marketing for OpenView, the best metrics might be simpler than you think.


Webinar: Top 6 Free Sales Prospecting Tools You Need to Use

Want to take your sales and prospecting teams to the next level at no cost to your company?

free sales prospecting tools

The Top Free Sales Prospecting Tools

Kyle Porter of SalesLoft joins OpenView’s Devon McDonald and CeCe Bazar in this 45min webinar covering the top free tools your sales team needs to use to boost your performance and increase your efficiency.