Top 10 Startup Hiring & Recruiting Posts of 2014

Building a top competitive team in the tech world isn’t easy. That’s why we’re looking back on our most popular hiring and recruiting articles from the past year to help you pick the right path.

Top 10 Startup Recruiting Posts 2014

Hiring is never far from a successful tech leader’s mind. They know how valuable top talent is, and how critical having not just a great team, but the right team is to fueling sustainable growth.

Whether you’re scaling your organization or building out a team for the first time, these posts will help you know where to look for the best candidates, make competitive offers, avoid costly mis-hires, and ultimately hire and retain the best talent possible. Good luck in 2015, and, remember — always be recruiting.


Recruiters: Step Away from the Computer and Get in Front of Your Hiring Managers

Recruiting technology is making sourcing, engaging, and vetting candidates easier than ever, but don’t underestimate the value of in-person meetings. Not every aspect of the hiring process should be automated.

Recruiting Automation vs. In-Person Meetings | OpenView Labs

At this point, there’s no denying that technology and software have changed the hiring process for the better. Tools like LinkedIn make it easier to source, engage, and vet top candidates, while total recruitment marketing platforms optimize your brand’s presence, educate top candidates on your opportunities, and allow you to generate greater value from your recruiting efforts.

I’m a big fan of that technology and other tools — like email and applicant tracking systems — that make recruiters and hiring managers’ jobs significantly more efficient and effective. But as great as those tools and technology are, they aren’t a complete replacement for what I think has become a forgotten component of the hiring process — regularly scheduled in-person status update and debrief meetings.


Want to Hire the Best Sales Talent? Focus on These 3 Uncoachable Attributes

3 Uncoachable Sales Attributes to Target | OpenView Blog

In mid-May, I had the privilege of presenting to a collection of sales executives from OpenView’s portfolio at the firm’s Q2 VP of Sales workshop. The goal of the event was simple: To bring together VP Sales peers in our portfolio to discuss the handful of topics that really mattered to them in terms of with scaling their teams and increasing revenue.


The Savvy Interviewer's Guide to Conducting Successful Interviews

Want to know the secret to hiring fast and hiring right? It all comes down to knowing how to interview effectively. In this free guide you’ll get exclusive access to tips from industry experts and learn everything you need to know to start interviewing like a pro.

The Savvy Interviewer's Guide to Conducting Successful Interviews

Hiring and retaining top talent is one of the most important steps you can take toward building and scaling a great business. But it isn’t always easy. In fact, many companies struggle to make effective hires, which often reduces productivity and morale, and increases costs. Fortunately, by following a tested and proven hiring process, you can greatly increase your chances of bringing the right candidates on board.


The Four Types of Sales People — and Which One You Should Hire

The Four Types of Sales People — And Which You Should Hire

A few months ago, one of the VPs of Sales in our portfolio shared a document with our Talent team called “The Four Kinds of Sales People,” based on the categories defined by Chuck Mache, author of the book by the same name. The VP of Sales uses this document as a double-check for himself to ensure he is hiring the right type of sales person for his organization, and it’s something I’ve now adopted into my thought process while conducting sales interviews, as well.


Finding Hidden Talent: Hiring Software Engineers

Want to learn the key to finding, engaging, and hiring software engineers for your company?


The battle for the top software engineer talent may be tough, but we’ve got you covered. In this 30-minute webinar, OpenView’s Meghan Maher, Katy Smigowski, and Diana Martz discuss the best strategies and practices for recruiting and hiring software engineering talent.


Labcast: How to Win the War for Top Tech Talent

If your idea of the perfect pitch for software engineers is “the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology,” you’re setting yourself up for failure. Tune in to this week’s labcast to hear OpenView’s Diana Martz share more insights into our latest report, How to Win the War for Top Tech Talent.


Recruiting software engineers may be an uphill battle. With so many tech companies and a high demand for software engineers, attracting the top tech talent seems like an all, out war. No need to wave that white flag. We’ve got you covered with our latest report, “How to Win the War for Top Tech Talent.”

OpenView’s Director of Talent Diana pinpoints the key findings of the points. Listen in for advice on recruiting, engaging, and retaining the most qualified software engineers.


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The Battle for Talent: The Keys to Recruiting Software Engineers Successfully

As many tech entrepreneurs and startup founders well know, recruiting software engineers isn’t easy. In fact, it’s often a case of all out war.

The Battle for Talent: The Keys to Recruiting Software Engineers Successfully

OpenView’s report, “How to Win the War for Top Tech Talent,” helps address this issue by sharing the firm’s deep experience recruiting software engineers for more than 20 expansion-stage technology companies around the country. That experience is also bolstered by our findings from a recent proprietary survey of hundreds of software engineers and technical recruiters nationwide.


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