The Savvy Interviewer’s Guide to Conducting Successful Interviews

Want to know the secret to hiring fast and hiring right? It all comes down to knowing how to interview effectively. In this free guide you’ll get exclusive access to tips from industry experts and learn everything you need to know to start interviewing like a pro.

The Savvy Interviewer's Guide to Conducting Successful Interviews

Hiring and retaining top talent is one of the most important steps you can take toward building and scaling a great business. But it isn’t always easy. In fact, many companies struggle to make effective hires, which often reduces productivity and morale, and increases costs. Fortunately, by following a tested and proven hiring process, you can greatly increase your chances of bringing the right candidates on board.


Finding Hidden Talent: Hiring Software Engineers

Want to learn the key to finding, engaging, and hiring software engineers for your company?


The battle for the top software engineer talent may be tough, but we’ve got you covered. In this 30-minute webinar, OpenView’s Meghan Maher, Katy Smigowski, and Diana Martz discuss the best strategies and practices for recruiting and hiring software engineering talent.


Labcast: How to Win the War for Top Tech Talent

If your idea of the perfect pitch for software engineers is “the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology,” you’re setting yourself up for failure. Tune in to this week’s labcast to hear OpenView’s Diana Martz share more insights into our latest report, How to Win the War for Top Tech Talent.


Recruiting software engineers may be an uphill battle. With so many tech companies and a high demand for software engineers, attracting the top tech talent seems like an all, out war. No need to wave that white flag. We’ve got you covered with our latest report, “How to Win the War for Top Tech Talent.”

OpenView’s Director of Talent Diana pinpoints the key findings of the points. Listen in for advice on recruiting, engaging, and retaining the most qualified software engineers.


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The Battle for Talent: The Keys to Recruiting Software Engineers Successfully

As many tech entrepreneurs and startup founders well know, recruiting software engineers isn’t easy. In fact, it’s often a case of all out war.

The Battle for Talent: The Keys to Recruiting Software Engineers Successfully

OpenView’s report, “How to Win the War for Top Tech Talent,” helps address this issue by sharing the firm’s deep experience recruiting software engineers for more than 20 expansion-stage technology companies around the country. That experience is also bolstered by our findings from a recent proprietary survey of hundreds of software engineers and technical recruiters nationwide.


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Should You Really Hire for Cultural Fit over Competence?

Entrepreneurs like Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and venture capitalist Brad Feld have made the case that cultural fit trumps competence, but should you really turn away someone who is highly qualified if they are weak culturally?

Should You Really Hire for Cultural Fit over Competence?

As a recruiter, I’ve long been a proponent of the importance and value assessing cultural fit in the expansion-stage recruiting process. In fact, I think ensuring that candidates align with your company’s vision and values, management style, and workplace environment is critical to early-stage recruiting success.

That being said, I’ve been slightly surprised by just how far the pendulum seems to have swung in favor of cultural fit.


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Ask the Experts: Lean HR Tools that Make a Big Impact

In this final post in our three-part HR roundtable series, our experts explain which HR tools and software make the biggest impact on expansion-stage companies.

lean HR tools

When it comes to companies operating at the expansion stage, efficiency is the name of the game, and HR can play a major role in eliminating administrative work and streamlining procedures. Especially if they have the right tools.


Ask the Experts: The Biggest Benefit HR Can Provide

In this second post in a three-part series, our HR roundtable turns its attention to the biggest expansion-stage pain point HR can help address.

HR roundtable

The benefits the right HR pro can bring to your organization go far beyond conducting annual reviews and handing out the employee handbook. HR can help plan and implement major initiatives, create and foster company-wide alignment, and, when necessary, take a step back and evaluate your company’s performance and direction. In short, it can play an integral part in helping your business grow.


Ask the Experts: When Should Your Growing Company Establish HR?

In this first of a three-part series, we’ve gathered four of the best HR experts around to shed light on some of the top HR issues and challenges facing expansion-stage companies.

establish hr

The HR Question: It’s something that all startup and expansion-stage companies have to deal with. Founders and CEOs may recognize how central a healthy company culture and recruiting strategy are to growth and success, but when it comes to establishing human resources policies and procedures their eyes tend to glaze over quicker than you can say “compliance”.


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