2013 Make-or-Break Sales Predictions from the Top Sales Influencers Online

The most influential sales leaders on the Web weigh in with B2B sales predictions you can’t afford to miss.


It’s a new year and that means it’s predictions time. We turned to the experts who made our Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012 to ask them what trends will make the biggest waves this year. Will they wreak havoc on your business or will you be ahead of the game?


Know When It's Time to Invest in Outbound Lead Generation

In your constant pursuit to grow your company timing is often everything. Avoid wasted time and missed opportunities by recognizing when to invest in outbound lead generation.

Knowing the right time to invest in outbound lead generation

In many ways, outbound prospecting is a lost art in the Internet age.

It often doesn’t get the attention it deserves in the funnel-building process, and many businesses — particularly expansion-stage businesses that lack brand recognition and have no real traction in their target market segments — miss out on the myriad benefits it can provide.


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Welcome to the New OpenView Labs Site

New look, same great content and mission: Bringing you the insights, resources, and best practices you need to inform your business and help your company grow.

OpenView Labs redesign

Welcome to the new and improved OpenView Labs site! As you’ve probably noticed, we have a new look, and we’re eager to show it off. That’s because it was designed with you in mind.


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Is Your Sales Methodology an MVP or a Total Bust?

Want to know how your expansion-stage company’s sales methodology measures up? Our new direct sales assessment provides you with the questions you need to ask to determine where you really stand.

sales methodology

A little while ago, I worked with our OpenView Labs team to create an assessment for managers or executives that are in charge of a direct sales organization. The document ended up being fairly long and detailed, featuring a series of pointed questions related to things like target prospect and customer results, sales forecasting accuracy, economic model management, and sales methodology.


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Want to Ruin Your Company? A Venture Capital Investment May Be Able to Help

Think venture capital investment is the answer to your company’s problems? Think again. Believe it’s the key to growth and success? Not even close. Take it from OpenView, we’re a VC.

venture capital investment

When companies look for venture capital investment they’re thinking of scalability and increased market share, and dreaming of all of the prospects and customers who will be banging down their door. After, all the only thing that’s standing in their way of being successful is a healthy dose of funding. Right?


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The Most Creative B2B Marketing Tactics Online

Gone are the days when building a simple website and utilizing a couple of basic online B2B marketing tactics constituted an acceptable B2B marketing strategy.

The Most Creative B2B Marketing Tactics Online

In today’s increasingly crowded and competitive online marketplace, for small technology companies to grasp their audience’s attention, they’ve got to cut through the noise and earn it by utilizing creative and engaging B2B marketing tactics that distinguish them from the competition.


Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012

Looking to connect with some of the top sales minds in the business?

Thinking RFID

The research team here at OpenView Labs recently applied their talents toward identifying the most influential sales leaders on the Web today. Browse below for our list of 25 of the most powerful thought leaders in the world of sales management, lead generation, and more.


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