B2B Market Sizing: A Quick & Easy Way to Estimate Number of Potential Users

If you’re trying to estimate the size of a particular market opportunity and your software is licensed per user one of the best places to find data is the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Here’s a step-by-step example to help get you started.

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Note: This post is part of a series on 8 B2B Market Sizing Approaches to Quickly Assess Market Opportunity

Top-Down-Market-SizingMany B2B products and services are sold at the user level. Consequently, the best ways to estimate a market size is to get a sense of the total number of potential users who could buy the product or service and then apply the user-level pricing to the employment count. One of the quickest ways to do this is to pull employment statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as it tracks U.S. workforce statistics by title/role and industry.

This post will help you understand when to use this top-down sizing approach, and will walk you through the process with a step-by-step example below.


Me2B: The Next Generation of Customer Service Changes

OpenView Senior Advisor Bill Price, Amazon’s first VP of Global Customer Service, discusses his latest book, Your Customer Rules! Delivering the Me2B Experiences That Today’s Customers Demand, and sheds light on how customer service will continue to evolve over the next five years.

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Today’s tech companies are operating in the midst of a sea change. There has been a fundamental change in the relationship between businesses and their customers, with technology empowering the customer and tilting the balance of control. As a result of this power shift, customer demands have also changed and made many of the old ways of addressing customer needs obsolete. This has introduced a need for new best practices and technology to help address the customer demands of today and tomorrow.

Bill Price, CEO and founder of Driva Solutions, has dubbed this the “Me2B” era, and in his new book Your Customer Rules! Delivering the Me2B Experiences That Today’s Customers Demand, he explains what companies need to do to stay ahead of the curve.


Top 10 B2B SaaS Pricing Experts

A list of the industry’s leading thought leaders and strategists who can help you make sure the price is always right.

Top 10 B2B SaaS Pricing Experts | OpenView Labs

There is a lot at stake in a B2B SaaS Pricing decision.

Pricing affects virtually every element of a business and has a tremendous effect on the bottom line. In fact, it is one of the few levers that can be pulled to generate additional revenue overnight. However, it is also one of the more publicized moves an executive team can make and can lead to negative reactions from a customer base, or, in worst cases, an exodus. So it is no surprise that pricing is an interesting but also intimidating topic for B2B SaaS executive teams.


Metrics for Evaluating International Markets

When international opportunities come knocking, how do you know which opportunities are worth chasing and which aren’t? Here are the metrics you need to make a confident decision.

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Many expansion-stage companies consider entering new international markets at some point or another during their journey. Typically, the initial thoughts begin when a company starts seeing its first high-quality opportunities coming in from abroad or they close their first international deal. This is an exciting moment because the international market(s) feel within reach, but it is also a very scary one, since the investment requirements can be very intimidating for a young and typically capital-strapped company.


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Considering Going International? 10 Tips for Success

Your plans for global domination will be much more likely to work if you take into account these 10 tips to help you look before you leap.

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Over the last few months, I’ve spoken with business development experts at some of the fastest growing and most established B2B software companies in the world to learn about best practices for entering new international markets. From these conversations, I have put together a list of 10 best practices for startup or expansion-stage companies to consider as they start thinking about building an international expansion strategy.


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Are Your Sign-Up Forms Killing Your Growth?

When it comes to SaaS signup processes, marketers generally fall into one of two camps — those all for getting as much info as possible, and those all for removing friction at all costs.

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How much signup process friction is too much? This is an important question facing many B2B marketers as they design trial and freemium SaaS sign-up processes. Trying to balance the value of gathering prospect information against the costs of the signup process deterring prospects from completing the sign-up process is difficult.


6 Ways to Leverage and Empower Brand Ambassadors

When leveraged properly, your customers can be the greatest marketing asset you have. Here are six tactics to recruit them as brand ambassadors.

 6 Ways to Leverage Brand Ambassadors | OpenView Labs

Many successful B2B software companies leverage customer-led events and campaigns to build and grow their brand. Two big ones that immediately come to mind are Salesforce.com and Rackspace. So why then are many startups hesitant to follow suit? One reason is that startup executive teams are typically preoccupied with the fear of asking too much of their customers and driving them away. They allow that fear to distract them from seeing the bigger picture. And that’s a big mistake.


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Should You Fire Your Worst Customers?

Putting the axe to incoming revenue may seem like a bad idea, but the truth is the costs of maintaining bad customers and ensuring that they are happy can grossly outweigh the benefits of keeping them around.

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Is firing your worst customers actually a good idea? In many instances, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Yes, turning away revenue can hurt, but the truth of the matter is there are always costs associated with onboarding and servicing customers, and the ones who are unhappy or who aren’t a good fit in the first place can quickly become more trouble than they’re worth.


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