What Is the Best Path to Becoming an Entrepreneur?

by Inc.

You know you want to run your own company one day, but how do you determine the best path towards that goal? Where do you begin and what experience can help you most?

Inc.’s Jeff Haden believes that the average aspiring entrepreneur should spend their first few years working for a big company. It’s a valuable way to learn the business side of things, Haden argues, even if, in the end, the lessons you walk away with are of what not to do. But Haden faces a stiff counter-argument from Dave Lavinsky, founder of business-planning firm and investment bank Growthink.

Lavinsky argues that entry roles at big companies are often very defined, limiting a would-be founder’s potential to develop the type of jack-of-all-trades skills that can be incredibly valuable in a startup environment. Instead, Lavinsky suggests several alternatives that can also make starting a company a little less daunting, including finding a slightly older cofounder with more managerial experience, forming a Board of Advisors who can lend entrepreneurial guidance, or attempting to raise funding to hire seasoned managers to take the journey with you.

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