Arrive at Your Customer’s Doorstep by Adapting to Industry Changes

by Brian Solis

You won’t gain customer loyalty without dedication and a nuanced understanding of customer demands.

Most practices for building customer engagement and retention are reactive in nature. Companies are constantly preoccupied with responding to customer-initiated actions. Social business thought leader Brian Solis believes in dispelling this faulty practice in favor of a proactive approach. All of the evidence points to most businesses being  unprepared and under-prepared for the many coming industry changes.

What can be done about this? Businesses must look at their customers as long-term assets. If you want to have loyal customers and low churn numbers, you should invest in practices that will accomplish this. Metrics in their many forms, social media and other industry developments are all growing, but only a small minority of companies are taking them as seriously as they should.

Companies that take a superficial interest in their customers create a volatile customer base. To create loyalty and increase your retention rates, you’ll need to adapt to industry changes. For more on this topic, read the full article by Solis.