Solidify the Path to Purchase With Data

It’s an enormously important part of your business, so why treat the path to purchase like it’s clouded in some mystery?


You already know that the path to purchase is an arduous one that can take an incredible amount of twists and turns. But what if there was someway to guide your customers along the right path instead of simply trying something new and hoping for the best? Fortunately for you, the right data can help you do just that, as this infographic at Inc. explains.

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Sales Rep Compensation: How to Strike the Right Balance

If you’re looking to foster teamwork amongst your sales team, sales rep compensation is a great place to start.

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You know all too well from trying to grow your customer base that sales is a cutthroat business. But that doesn’t mean it should be cutthroat within your own organization. Closing deals is difficult enough as is and infighting is only going to hurt your bottom line. Brent Holloway explains ways you can encourage teamwork among field reps and inside sales reps in this interview at

Each organization is different as is your sales process, admits Holloway. But there are still common threads for compensating ISRs and field reps that will not only foster a more cooperative process but also increase reps’ satisfaction – all while pumping up your pipeline.

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Entrepreneurs Understanding Sales Is Critical For Company Success

When it comes to entrepreneurs understanding sales, far too many fall short. That mistake can drag their business down. 

Entrepreneurs Understanding Sales Is Critical For Company Success

Entrepreneurs Understanding Sales Is Critical For Company Success

As the leader of your organization, you’ve got to be on the frontlines when it comes to acquiring new customers, especially as your business is just getting off the ground. So why are so many entrepreneurs willing to hand off sales all too easily? As John Jantsch explains in this post at Inc., entrepreneurs understanding sales and how they can contribute is an essential part of their role.

It’s not all about picking up the phone and getting deals signed, says Jantsch. Entrepreneurs need to know how the messaging pushing whole organization is framed and understand why customers actually purchase your product.

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Increase Sales Pipeline Revenue with These 3 Questions

You’re undoubtedly asking questions about all your prospects, but are they the right ones? Bolster sales pipeline revenue with these questions.

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The sales pipeline is a tricky thing. Much of your revenue is driven from it, but somehow, at the end of the quarter or year, you end up disappointed with the outcome of what once felt like a robust pipeline. A lot of that has to do with inflated expectations that can be realistically tempered. In this post at Inflexion Point Bob Apollo lists the three questions that can increase sales pipeline revenue.

Many times the questions you’re asking about your prospects aren’t hard hitting enough or are open to interpretation, says Apollo. But if you boil your inquiries down to the nuts and bolts of what makes a sale, you’ll be better able to sniff out true opportunities.

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Critical Tools for the Modern Salesperson

As times change, tactics, too, must change. In order to accelerate success, consider adopting some of these new tools for the modern salesperson.

Critical Tools for the Modern Salesperson | OpenView Labs

The rolodex is antiquated, in form, but not in function. It’s a tool that’s simply morphed and now lives in laptops, phones, and the cloud. But there are other tools out there that are completely new to the sales world and are dramatically improving your odds at success. In this post at A Sales Guy, Keenan 411 breaks down some of the best new tools for the modern salesperson.

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Discover the Right Training for a First Time Sales Manager

It doesn’t take long for a first time sales manager to realize they’re playing a whole new ballgame, which is why they need a new rulebook.

Discover the Right Training for a First Time Sales Manager

Just because you have an impeccable driving record doesn’t mean you can get under the hood and figure out the intricacies of the motor. But that’s exactly what you’re asking of a first time sales manager. He or she has excelled at their original responsibilities, but without the proper training, they’ll find it difficult to handle an entire team. Norman Behar offers the tools they’ll need to succeed in this post at Selling Power.

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6 Ways To Create a Customer-Centric Staff

You can have all the systems and safeguards in place, but in order to truly embrace this shift, you need a customer-centric staff.

6 Ways To Create a Customer-Centric Staff

If it doesn’t go without saying that you should be focused on your customers first and foremost, it ought to. But even if you have the best intentions, you might not be sure exactly how to put them into practice. As Rob Markey points out in this post at Net Promoter System, it starts with a customer-centric staff.

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Sales Management: Everything You Ever Needed to Know and Then Some

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to inject a little life with a few new ideas, this new ebook on sales management from Lattice has it all. 

Sales Management: Everything You Ever Needed to Know and Then Some

If you want to be the best leader you can for your sales team, you’ve got to keep up with the times. With strategies, tactics, and styles in constant turnover, it’s more important than ever that you monitor the pulse of sales management developments across the industry. Lucky for you, Lattice consulted with an array of experts and put all their insights into this new ebook.

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