A Big Sales Pipeline Isn’t Always Better

What’s the point of a big sales pipeline if it isn’t leading to better deals?

Bigger is better. Well that’s what we tell ourselves in almost every aspect of life, anyway. And it’s probably stressed the most in sales meetings across the world. More prospects + more dollars = more success. But what if the first part of the equation is fundamentally wrong? Bob Apollo questions the value of a big sales pipeline in this post at Inflexion Point.

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Study Customer Behavior to Create More Sales

Understanding customer behavior has to be the most important element to your redesign.

Let’s get one thing straight right away – you are the worst person possible to be in charge of redesigning your website. Oh sure, you know your products and goals inside and out. But that’s exactly the kind of resume that rules you out. Customers are spending mere seconds on your site and, frankly, only care about of a fraction of the things you think about. That’s why Chris Tauber explains the elements of customer behavior you need to be familiar with in this post at Monetate.

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How Better Customer Relationships Result in Higher ROI

Investing time and energy in building and maintaining customer relationships will pay huge dividends.

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You’re always after the next customer. But what about the ones you already have? Of course adding to the pool of customers is crucial in any business, but you can’t just ignore them once they’ve signed on the dotted line. Dave Blake believes in cultivating rich customer relationships and has seen his efforts in developing them pay off, as he explains in this post at the ClientSuccess blog.

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Why an Engagement Plan is Essential to your Sales Process

Present an engagement plan to potential customers early on to provide value regardless of whether they sign or not.

There are lots of moving pieces to a sale. Plenty of them are on your end, but there are many, many more on your clients’ side. Since your sales process is essentially second nature to your team, use that expertise to enhance the experience for potential customers early in the process. How? In this post at LinkedIn Ethan Zoubek explains what an engagement plan is and how you should implement it.

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The Real Secrets About Success

There are plenty of stereotypes about being successful. But the true secrets of success aren’t often revealed.

The truth is that success is going to be defined differently for each of us. But one thing is for sure – the stereotypical definitions of success aren’t true for any of us. The things we’re most often told about success, says S. Anthony Iannarino, are that it hinges upon vanity and material things. In this post at The Sales Blog he reveals the secrets about success and how you should define it for yourself.

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The Secrets to Selling in a Startup

Selling in a startup might not be what you’re used to but you can find just as much success and have more fun doing it.

The Secrets to Selling in a Startup

Startups, by nature, are constantly evolving. Which means if you’re the VP of Sales, you need to be flexible, and not just in your approach with clients. You’ve got to be just as willing to go outside your comfort zone when working with groups within the company. Transitioning from a huge company to a startup might seem daunting at first, but if you follow Brendan Cassidy’s pointers from this post at LinkedIn, you’ll find success selling in a startup in no time.

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How Content Sharing Can Catalyze Sales Success

Looking for another successful sales technique? Grab your buyers’ attention by curating great content.

How Content Sharing Can Catalyze Sales Success

Content marketing seems like all anyone can talk about these days. But since sales people are simply marketing on a smaller scale, why aren’t they leveraging content in the same way? Here’s a secret — they should be. You don’t have to create it yourself, but Jill Rowley shows how reading, curating and sharing content can be an incredibly successful sales technique in this post at LinkedIn.

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Analyzing Outbound Prospecting Effectiveness

Download this new report from The Bridge Group to understand the latest benchmarks and analyze your outbound prospecting effectiveness.


If your organization relies on outbound prospecting for a sizeable chunk of your business, then you’ll want to be sure it’s measuring up. But just because your numbers are staying strong or even improving from your own past results, are they meeting the standard performance across the industry? In this new report, Pete Gracey of QuotaFactory and Matt Bertuzzi of The Bridge Group Inc. dive into outbound prospecting effectiveness.

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