Create a Better SaaS Free Trial Experience

A better SaaS free trial experience means improved conversion numbers for your business.

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A free trial for your SaaS product might be a sales tool for converting more prospects, but the fact remains that you’re giving away the farm (or at least part of it) for free. So why should you put in the time and effort to, of all things, enhance what you’re already giving away? Because if you’re trial isn’t working, people are taking advantage of it or giving up all together. In this post on his blog, Lincoln Murphy explains how and why you should create a better SaaS free trial.

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Exploring Every Avenue for Onboarding Users

Onboarding users is key to establishing a relationship and building trust with your brand, but are you doing it right?


A welcome email for every new user is a no brainer. But is yours as effective as it should be? And are you stopping there? Because you shouldn’t be. Onboarding doesn’t end at sign up. In fact, that’s simply the first of many steps. As this post at AutoSend reveals, there are plenty of avenues and opportunities for onboarding users and you need to, at the very least, seriously consider each of them.

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Product Roadmap: Steps to Planning the Perfect Itinerary

Your product roadmap can take on all sorts of forms, but the important thing is having a plan in place before you start your journey.


Okay, so maybe that headline is a bit misleading. Even the most well thought out vacations hit a few speed bumps here and there (that third margarita, for instance). But any journey you embark upon is bound for more success if you start with a plan, even while recognizing that it won’t be perfect. That’s why Radiant Minds has pulled together 10 critical tools for developing your product roadmap in this post.

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Keys to Designing Smart Survey Questions

If you want data you can actually use, designing smart survey question is a skill you must perfect.


It’s not terribly difficult to get answers when you ask a question. Any conversation with a three year old will show you that. But how do you get the answers that will actually help you out? Stop asking a three year old for directions to the mall for one. Designing smart survey questions for your users isn’t as much of a stretch from that scenario as you might think, which is why this post at KISSMetrics outlines 5 tips that will help you improve your questions, and therefore your answers.

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Discover the Secret to Mastering Product Management

Mastering product management could be the key to keeping your whole business happy.


If you think of your business as a solar system, then your product is like the sun. Sales, customers, support, marketing, engineering and every other facet of the business orbits around it, held in place to varying degrees by its gravitational pull. So as product manager, everyone, by default, revolves around you then, right? Wrong. So wrong. In this post at Instructure Tech Blog you’ll discover that understanding why that is unlocks the key to mastering product management.

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Harness Innovation With this Free Hackathon Webinar

Experts will explain what everyone is buzzing about and why during a free hackathon webinar. 


You’ve probably overheard it at a coffee shop or even among your own tech team. If not, you’ve certainly seen it mentioned on Twitter. Whether you’re not sure what it is or you’ve been to a few yourself, there’s plenty to learn during Socrata’s free hackathon webinar. They’ll be picking the brains of the GoCode Colorado team, founders of the only statewide hackathon and true experts in the field.

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Know The Right Time to Cut Product Features

Even though it can be painful, eventually you’ll need to cut product features before they begin weighing you down.

You put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into your products. You’ve certainly committed to it and, most likely, devoted many hours and resources to perfecting it. But what if something just isn’t resonating with your user base? In this post at On Product Management, Liraz Axelrad explains how to step back and recognize the need to cut product features.

It takes an objective view, says Axelrad, which is not an inherently easy thing to do when you’ve been so closely connected to a project for so long. Click through to discover questions you can ask yourself that should help you realize whether to abandon a feature or to improve upon it.

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How To Adopt User Research Driven Design

All it takes is a little commitment to implement user research driven design and vastly improve your customers’ experience. 

How To Adopt User Research Driven Design

As you probably know all too well, startups are all about speed. They want to develop fast and launch faster. But lost in that speedy shuffle is the most important element – how users will interact with your product. Braden Kowitz explains how slowing down, sometimes ever so slightly, and adopting user research driven design can greatly improve your offering in this post at Google Ventures.

Kowitz himself admits that it’s incredibly easy to gloss over user research. As he’s learned over the years, it’s also a huge mistake. Click through to hear some of the common excuses for bypassing user research and how (and why) to counter them.

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