Increase Customer Referrals In One Mind-Blowingly Simple Step

Generating customer referrals is easier than you ever imagined.

Sharing a secret

It’s true that your current best customers beget the next generation of your best customers. While you’re plenty happy with all the new users you gain from customer referrals, it sure would be nice if the offspring were produced at a rabbit-like pace. Well, the process doesn’t have to be as organic as you might think, as David Mitzenmacher explains in this post at Gainsight.

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The Case for Collaboration

Though detractors still exist, the case for collaboration has never been stronger.

Society loves to lionize the lone wolf (we, apparently, just love referencing animals). Everyone idolizes the entrepreneur who stays up late at night in their living room or garage, endlessly tinkering and not to be held back until their singular genius is recognized. But truth be told, those are one-in-a-million scenarios. Adam McKibbin offers the case for collaboration and why your organization needs it to succeed in this blog post at Central Desktop.

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8 Keys to Launching a Successful Startup

There’s no secret formula to launching a successful startup, but there are ways to improve your odds.

Anytime someone starts a business it has the potential to change the world. But will it? Only time will tell, however with the right mindset and approach you’ll have a much better chance. Reggie Bradford has sold 3 businesses, including Virtue, and explains the keys to launching a successful startup in this post at Forbes.

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Offer Outstanding Customer Service with Tips from the Best in the Biz

Nothing builds loyalty like an excellent experience. Following lessons from Amazon, Zappos and others, you too can offer excellent customer service. 

Offer Outstanding Customer Service with Tips from the Best in the Biz

It’s one thing to know that happy customers are a key to your success, says Ciotti. But it’s another thing altogether to do more than simply pay lip service to that knowledge. Learn why Zappos isn’t concerned with turnaround time, the Ritz-Carlton plans for mishaps and LLBean doesn’t care about being fancy to improve your own customers’ experience.

If you look at the leaders across almost every industry, you’ll see that they’re commitment to customers is second to none…and often miles ahead of priority #2. In this post at Gregory Ciotti shows how you can offer excellent customer service by following the examples of companies like LL Bean and others.


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Startup Crossroads: Picking the Right Path

Finding itself at an important startup crossroads, the founders of FEM are offered advice from some experts.

job rejections

For even the most successful businesses, it’s unlikely the road to the top was anything like the founders envisioned. Products are received differently than anticipated, audiences shift and progress continues in unexpected ways. So what do you do when you find yourself at a startup crossroads? Finding itself at just such a junction, the future of FEM is debated by experts in this post at Inc.

Barely 2 years old, FEM has seen the market for its services shift in a manner they had not anticipated. So should they follow this new avenue or stick to their original vision? Click through to see what Brent Hill and Barry Schuler have to say.

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12 Steps to Amazing Data Analytics

Not sure if your data analytics are quite where they ought to be? Here are 12 questions you can ask yourself to determine where you stand.

12 Steps to Developing Amazing Data Analytics

  1. By now, nearly everyone has access to big data. So what sets you apart will be your ability to leverage that data to your advantage. But how do you know if you’re there? Or even on the way? In this post at Occam’s Razor, Avinash Kaushik helps you assess your culture to see if your data analytics are up to par.

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Founder Frugality: How Wistia’s Aversion to Spending Led to their Ascension

In a sea of startups, you’ll be tempted to spend on shiny things you can showoff; Wistia CEO Chris Savage preaches founder frugality instead.

Founder Frugality: How Wistia’s Aversion to Spending Led to their Ascension

Ping-pong tables, fancy conference rooms, hi-tech desks, kegerators. None of these are uncommon sights to see in the offices of brand new startups across the country. But other than cultivating an image of cool, they don’t add anything to your company and detract from your bottom line. Wistia CEO Chris Savage went to great lengths in practicing founder frugality and believes his company is the better for it, as he explains in this interview at Growth Everywhere.

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Discover the Scaling Problems You’ll Never See Coming

Plenty of things are going to change as your company grows, and that can make certain scaling problems harder to anticipate.

Discover the Scaling Problems You’ll Never See Coming

Scaling is great. After all, it’s the goal of nearly every startup. While you might start with an idea and a few people around a table, you hope to one day fill a floor or even a whole building and have a small army of customers. But as you grow, things change, and that includes the way you tackle and prepare for certain inevitable hiccups. Jason Cohen gives you ample forewarning on scaling problems in this post at A Smart Bear.

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