Startup Forecasting: Have You Set Yourself Up for Success?

Assess your odds for success by putting your business through a round of startup forecasting.


You’ve got what you think is a good idea and what you know is a great staff. But starting a business from scratch is always a gamble, right? Well, yes. However, startup forecasting can help stack the odds in your favor, says Guy Turner in this post at VC With Me.

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B2B SaaS Analytics: Two Essential Metrics to Adopt

Start implementing these B2B SaaS analytics to fill in some sizeable blanks.

 Measured Colour

When it comes to B2B SaaS analytics, there is a lot to measure. But where to begin? Well, you’ve probably got the basics covered. But by simply sticking to the simple stuff you can overlook some huge drivers of activity and even steer yourself in the wrong direction. What can you do to correct this? Christoph Janz explains why you should start conducting your own cohort analysis and multi-touch attribution analysis in this two part post at The Angle VC.

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Inbound Marketing Essentials from the Founder of HubSpot

Startups at any stage would do well to familiarize themselves with these inbound marketing essentials.

 Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 11.44.11 AM

In order to achieve success, any startup needs to make sure its product is an absolute knockout. But there’s a reason boxing managers have been harping on the 1-2 punch for years and years. Real power and effectiveness lies in the combination. It’s the same with startups; you need to back your up offering with top notch content. Dharmesh Shah, founder of HubSpot, walks you through the inbound marketing essentials in his latest PowerPoint deck hosted at OnStartups.

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Increase Conversion with Basic Psychological Principles

You’ll do anything to increase conversion, so why not look at some angles you might not have considered yet.

The Twingl Mind

It’s a safe bet that the majority of your tech team didn’t intermingle with too many psych majors during their college days. The computer lab and Freudian-couch cushions couldn’t have been further apart. Or so you thought. It turns out that your attempts to increase conversion are very much rooted in psychological ideals, as you’ll see in this article on the KISS Metrics blog.

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Understanding the Benefits of Content Engineering

Creating a content engineering system will help you get the most bang for your content buck.

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You brainstorm an idea. You spend hours crafting the messaging. Then more time editing and ensuring everything is just right. Once you’ve literally and figuratively dotted all the Ts and crossed all the Is, your piece of content is published…where it exists, seemingly, for the blink of an eye. Why doesn’t all that hard work continue to pay off? With a successful content engineering system in place, it can, as Chuck Frey details in this post at Content Marketing Institute.

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When To Sell a Startup: Understanding The Stages

Offers might start coming in, but are they the right ones? Knowing when to sell a startup requires some homework.

Startup Live Vienna

Of course it’s easy to get excited whenever someone offers to buy your company. After all, that’s been the carrot on the stick the whole time. But…what if there’s a bigger carrot out there? Well, there very well could be. But before you pass on that original carrot, you need to know what you’re in for and understand exactly when to sell a startup. Luckily, Jason Lemkin is here to explain the stages where it makes the most sense to sell in this post at SaaStr.

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6 Ways to Promote Leadership Growth From Within Your Business

If your company is going to take the next step you’ll need to encourage leadership growth from within.

 Old Growth Forest

Who are the best people to lead your company as it continues to grow? Time will ultimately tell, but the best bets are probably already on your staff. They just require a little nurturing from you. Encouraging leadership growth among your existing employees not only excites them and creates a strong culture, but it ensures your next generation of leadership will be all the more invested in the organizations success, as Ryan O’Connell explains in this article at LinkedIn.

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Option Pools: Understanding the Ins and Outs for Your Negotiation

During your VC negotiations, option pools can often be an afterthought. Discover why you shouldn’t treat them as such.


So you’ve attracted the interest of a few VCs and you’re startup is about to be flooded with a little (or perhaps a lot) of extra cash. Between the prep work and the negotiations, things can quickly become overwhelming. But you’ve got to pay attention to all the details, which is why Rob Go explains the intricacies of option pools and how to handle them in this post on his blog.


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