8 Leadership Lessons Any CEO Can Easily Adopt

Your employees are always looking to you, so incorporate these leadership lessons into your everyday routine.


Being a CEO is no easy job. You’ve got to stay committed when others falter. You’ve got to adapt when others get comfortable. You’ve got to remain calm in the middle of an absolute storm. But you must do these things because you’re the rock your company relies on. How do you do it? Firas Kittaneh offers you 8 leadership lessons in this post at Entrepreneur.com.

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The Case for Collaboration

Though detractors still exist, the case for collaboration has never been stronger.

Society loves to lionize the lone wolf (we, apparently, just love referencing animals). Everyone idolizes the entrepreneur who stays up late at night in their living room or garage, endlessly tinkering and not to be held back until their singular genius is recognized. But truth be told, those are one-in-a-million scenarios. Adam McKibbin offers the case for collaboration and why your organization needs it to succeed in this blog post at Central Desktop.

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Discover the Secret to Mastering Product Management

Mastering product management could be the key to keeping your whole business happy.


If you think of your business as a solar system, then your product is like the sun. Sales, customers, support, marketing, engineering and every other facet of the business orbits around it, held in place to varying degrees by its gravitational pull. So as product manager, everyone, by default, revolves around you then, right? Wrong. So wrong. In this post at Instructure Tech Blog you’ll discover that understanding why that is unlocks the key to mastering product management.

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7 Creative Marketing Strategies You Should Be Trying

Like you, your competition is using the same ol’ tactics. Set yourself apart with these creative marketing strategies.

Sure, you could tweak, edit and adjust your current marketing strategies so they’re completely optimized. That might increase your conversion by a few percentage points. But if you really want to move the lever, why not try some new, creative marketing strategies? In this post at Quick Sprout Neil Patel offers 7 ideas that have proven to be extremely effective.

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Startup Marketing Goals: Experts Weigh in on Where to Begin

It can be tough to set startup marketing goals, but that doesn’t mean it’s an impossible exercise.


Every startup has to have goals. And no, we’re not talking about becoming the next Google. But you’ve got to have hurdles that challenge you while still being attainable. How do you perfect that balance during your forecasting? It’s not an easy task, but in this post at KISSMetrics 7 experts offer their opinion on setting startup marketing goals.

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Increase Customer Happiness by Eliminating Silos

One sure fire way to increase customer happiness is to eliminate every bump in the road. Even the tiny ones.

If you're happy and you know it, Clap your hands

You want something. You buy something. You get something. It should be easy.  But all too often there’s a headache here or a hang-up there. Even if it’s a truly minor impediment, customers will notice. Creating less silos will make things smoother and increase customer happiness, as Brett Bair explains in this post at Monetate.

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8 Keys to Launching a Successful Startup

There’s no secret formula to launching a successful startup, but there are ways to improve your odds.

Anytime someone starts a business it has the potential to change the world. But will it? Only time will tell, however with the right mindset and approach you’ll have a much better chance. Reggie Bradford has sold 3 businesses, including Virtue, and explains the keys to launching a successful startup in this post at Forbes.

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Where to Start When Creating B2B Personas

Creating B2B personas isn’t as daunting if you know where to start. 


When it comes to closing more deals, you want to take advantage of every possible tool at your disposal. But what if your company has yet to develop in-depth buyer personas? They’re incredibly useful for not only sales, but marketing and tech as well. Starting from scratch isn’t easy, but knowing where to begins makes creating B2B personas more palatable, as Rachel Young explains in this post at Sirius Decisions.

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