The One SaaS Metric That Drives All the Rest

If you had to abandon all the others, this is the one SaaS metric worth holding onto.

There is more technology at our fingertips than you can conceivably wrap your mind around. So if a user finds that one product isn’t meeting their needs, they move on and try something else. That window is smaller than you might realize and shrinking by the day. In this post on the RRE Ventures blog, Lenny Pruss explains why Time-to-Value is the SaaS metric you’re probably ignoring at your own expense.

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Social Recruiting Is Something You Can’t Ignore

Avoid social recruiting and you risk alienating the young, top tier talent you’re after.

Say what you will about social media, but know this – someone is saying something about you on it right now. And anyone considering working for your company is reading whatever it may be and weighing it heavily while forming an opinion about your organization. You might not be able to completely control the conversation through social recruiting, but if you’re absent altogether, explains Dan Finnigan in this post at Inc., you’ll not only come across as outdated, but you’ll likely ostracize the very candidates you most desire.

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A Big Sales Pipeline Isn’t Always Better

What’s the point of a big sales pipeline if it isn’t leading to better deals?

Bigger is better. Well that’s what we tell ourselves in almost every aspect of life, anyway. And it’s probably stressed the most in sales meetings across the world. More prospects + more dollars = more success. But what if the first part of the equation is fundamentally wrong? Bob Apollo questions the value of a big sales pipeline in this post at Inflexion Point.

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Are You Actually Running Successful A/B Tests?

Successful A/B Tests aren’t difficult to come up with, but take a little more thought than you’re giving them.

You’re probably not running very successful A/B tests. No, we haven’t infiltrated your offices and started snooping around or anything and we have no insight into your process. But studies show only 1 in 7 A/B tests produce actual improvement. Neil Patel has just released an infographic on Quick Sprout that will ensure your tests end with a positive outcome.

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Great Product Marketing Requires a Great Product

Before even thinking of moving on to product marketing, make sure you’ve got a premier product.

No matter how high your ad budget or innovative your latest marketing effort may be, it won’t amount to anything if your product can’t stand up to the competition. You could get away with that in the past, says Dan Formosa in this post at Co. Create. But now people will tear you apart before you can even say the words “product marketing” if your product can’t hack it.

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Inside the Mind of Reid Hoffman

Discover one man’s takeaways from 10,000 hours spent with the co-founder of LinkedIn.

Not many people have had access to the mind of Reid Hoffman the way Ben Casnocha has. The two have teamed up for three immersive projects, including co-authoring a pair of books. The best part, according to Casnocha, were the late night discussions after long days that left the titan reflective. In this post on his blog, Casnocha details 16 of his favorite lessons learned from Hoffman.

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10 Tips to Increase Efficiency

There might only be so many hours in a day, but if you increase efficiency you can make them all count.

Want to know a little secret? You’ll never get to the end of your To-Do list. It just has a way of growing and growing, the closer you get to the end. But if you want to take bigger chunks out of it each day, you need to increase efficiency. This post at Inc. offers 10 tips for working smarter.

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Encourage Everyone to Share Your Stolen Content

Stolen content could end up being the best thing that ever happened to you.

Do you know how many blog posts exist out there? How many whitepapers? How many articles? Or even how many novels, books and conversations have existed in the world? A whole hell of a lot. And every last one of them existed before your latest piece of “amazing” content came out. The point, as S. Anthony Iannarino explains in this post at The Sales Blog, is that neither you nor anyone else has many original ideas left to share so stop fearing stolen content and realize exactly how it can help you expand your brand.

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