How to Set Up Successful Virtual Teams

Launching successful virtual teams can increase productivity, improve employee morale, and eliminate costly office space — if you get it right.

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How often do you really feel like you need to be in the office to get your job done? Sure, there are many in the workforce who thrive on personal interactions and the collaborative spirit of a buzzing office. But plenty of studies have proven that environment isn’t necessarily integral to success. In fact, successful virtual teams are more prevalent than ever. Learn how to find the right mix in this post via Harvard Business Review by Keith Ferrazzi.

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How a Habit-Forming Product Became Valued at $1.2 Billion in 7 Months

Building a habit-forming product doesn’t happen by accident. Discover exactly how Slack created something users can’t live without.

Slack's Billion-Dollar Habit-Forming Product | OpenView Labs

Every SaaS company wants to create something their users can’t live without. But building a habit-forming product isn’t something that happens by accident. It has to be a goal from the get go. Slack, the office collaboration app that’s been valued at $1.2 billion just seven months after launching, is perhaps the best example on the market. Nir Eyal breaks down the reasons for their success in this post on his blog, Nir & Far.

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3 Steps to More Effective Project Management

In order to truly practice effective project management you need to look beyond the scope of your projects.


Project management sounds so grand, doesn’t it? You’re managing a project. Someday that project will be done and you can look back on all your hard work with pride. Except…when do you actually get to the project? In this post at AtTask, Sara Guggisberg points out that studies show IT departments spend 45-55% of their time on work outside their assigned projects, which is why it’s time to reconsider effective project management practices.

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UX vs. UI – Why You Can’t Combine Them Into One Role

Considering UX vs. UI as you develop your product? It’s time to realize that each role has to be filled individually.

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Ok, so maybe pitching UX vs. UI as a title fight worthy of your precious PayPerView dollars wasn’t the way to go. After all, there’s no real winner, they’re working in unison and neither is trying to defeat the other. But one important boxing parallel does exist – you absolutely need two participants. In this post at User Testing, Craig Morrison describes the differences between UX and UI designers and why each is essential to the development of your product.

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Video Series: A Creative and Consistent Way To Connect With Customers

Want to keep people coming back for more of your content? Consider launching a video series.

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As anybody with a cable subscription or Netflix account is all too familiar, there’s nothing more powerful than a cliffhanger. It’ll either have you cursing the week ahead or clicking “next” without caring that the clock currently reads 2AM. But why should Hollywood have all the fun? In this post at Wistia, Meryl Ayers interviews 3 companies about the video series they’ve come up with, why they’re so much fun and the incredible results they’ve seen.

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Create a Better SaaS Free Trial Experience

A better SaaS free trial experience means improved conversion numbers for your business.

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A free trial for your SaaS product might be a sales tool for converting more prospects, but the fact remains that you’re giving away the farm (or at least part of it) for free. So why should you put in the time and effort to, of all things, enhance what you’re already giving away? Because if you’re trial isn’t working, people are taking advantage of it or giving up all together. In this post on his blog, Lincoln Murphy explains how and why you should create a better SaaS free trial.

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Talent Data That Will Ensure a Successful Staff

Want a better sense of hiring practices and employee performance? Don’t skimp on collecting talent data.


Tracking the amount of sales calls you make per month or the number of hits your latest blog post gets is easy. These stats are so simple to keep it would almost be more difficult not to stay on top of them. But what about the satisfaction of candidates you’ve interviews? Or employee engagement? Just because it’s harder to wrap your head around, you can’t simply ignore talent data. In this post at, Andre Lavoie explains 5 metrics you should start tracking today.

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Analyzing Outbound Prospecting Effectiveness

Download this new report from The Bridge Group to understand the latest benchmarks and analyze your outbound prospecting effectiveness.


If your organization relies on outbound prospecting for a sizeable chunk of your business, then you’ll want to be sure it’s measuring up. But just because your numbers are staying strong or even improving from your own past results, are they meeting the standard performance across the industry? In this new report, Pete Gracey of QuotaFactory and Matt Bertuzzi of The Bridge Group Inc. dive into outbound prospecting effectiveness.

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