Option Pools: Understanding the Ins and Outs for Your Negotiation

During your VC negotiations, option pools can often be an afterthought. Discover why you shouldn’t treat them as such.


So you’ve attracted the interest of a few VCs and you’re startup is about to be flooded with a little (or perhaps a lot) of extra cash. Between the prep work and the negotiations, things can quickly become overwhelming. But you’ve got to pay attention to all the details, which is why Rob Go explains the intricacies of option pools and how to handle them in this post on his blog.

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Harness Innovation With this Free Hackathon Webinar

Experts will explain what everyone is buzzing about and why during a free hackathon webinar. 


You’ve probably overheard it at a coffee shop or even among your own tech team. If not, you’ve certainly seen it mentioned on Twitter. Whether you’re not sure what it is or you’ve been to a few yourself, there’s plenty to learn during Socrata’s free hackathon webinar. They’ll be picking the brains of the GoCode Colorado team, founders of the only statewide hackathon and true experts in the field.

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8 Insights for First Time CEOs

Mastering your role as a first time CEO is something that can only be done on the job. But you can still pick up pointers here and there. 


If you feel like you’re on an island as a first time CEO, that’s pretty much because you are. Sure your entire team is there for you day in and day out, but in the end, it all lands on your shoulders. The path you travel is yours and yours alone, but Vance Loiselle has seen a similar one and he’s here to offer his takeaways in a post at Entrepreneur.

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Solidify the Path to Purchase With Data

It’s an enormously important part of your business, so why treat the path to purchase like it’s clouded in some mystery?


You already know that the path to purchase is an arduous one that can take an incredible amount of twists and turns. But what if there was someway to guide your customers along the right path instead of simply trying something new and hoping for the best? Fortunately for you, the right data can help you do just that, as this infographic at Inc. explains.

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Marketing Advocate or Enemy? Learn How to Get the CFO in Your Corner

Make sure the buck doesn’t stop with your department by turning the CFO into a marketing advocate.

There are many terrific reasons to choose marketing as a career. Very few of them are likely to align with the reasons your CFO chose to go into finance.  But just because each of you operates with a different on-the-job worldview doesn’t mean you can’t create a symbiotic relationship that propels your company forward. Lisa Nirell explains 6 ways you can turn your CFO into a marketing advocate in this post at Fast Company.

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Create a Strategy Canvas to Unlock New Markets

Afraid there are no more untapped markets for your product or service? A strategy canvas can unearth unforeseen potential.


It’s all too easy to back yourself into a predictable corner when assessing your target customers or users. Your competition has products that appear to obviously overlap with your own, so you should be selling to the same sect, right? Not necessarily, according to this post at Propel Growth. Discover what a strategy canvas is if you’ve never used one before and how to create one that could open up new avenues of revenue.

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The Building Blocks of an Amazing Content Strategy

Every business has desired actions for their users. In order to get them there you need a well thought out content strategy.


You can’t just throw content against the wall and see what sticks. That might be an effective strategy when your cooking pasta, but when you’re trying to convert users, you’ll find it to be far less helpful. So before you start, you need to sit down and develop a content strategy. Discover the four questions that will get you to where you need to be in this post at Intronis by Kevin Cain.

Every piece of content you create is aimed at your users, says Cain, so you must start with them. What do you know about them? Not just who they are, but where they get stuck, how they like to access content and what you want them to do? Click through to learn how to get started.


Discover 2014’s Most Powerful Women in Tech

With much of the industry still harboring a boys-club atmosphere, the most powerful women in tech continue to blaze a trail.


That 18 of Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women come from the tech sector is a testament to the work women across the industry are executing.  There is certainly still work to be done, but the progress is encouraging. In this post at Forbes, Zheyan Ni breaks down the accomplishments of the most powerful women in tech.

As Ni illustrates, these women include founders of upstart young companies and board members of some of the most powerful organizations in the world. Click through to learn more and become inspired.

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