Are you posting thought leadership content on your website… really?

Devon-McDonald by

… or are you posting stale content you think your audience wants to see because it’s safe and you are comfortable with it? Looking at the results of our recent research report, it looks like many expansion stage management teams are doing just this.

Posting lots of whitepapers and flaunting webinars/podcasts on your site — the community isn’t impressed, and it’s very unlikely that someone outside of your company will retweet your new product’s whitepaper because it’s so thought provoking. Don’t get me wrong, whitepapers are great tools for sales teams, and webinars can add a benefit as well — but there needs to be a balance. All too often, businesses are only trying to SELL SELL SELL their product/services through the content on their website(s) and/or social sites.

Based on our research, if you truly want to be a thought leader, your company’s leaders must contribute to your blog on a consistent basis (hands-down), and you might want to consider producing an eBook or creating helpful/useful tools and hosting them on your site. Content that is insightful and helpful vs. pressuring with the undertone of “my product is so great because…” has a far greater probability of becoming viral.

What’s the value of being a thought leader?

  1. People in your industry are more likely to promote your content and your ideas have a greater chance of going viral
  2. Your visibility in the market will drive more leads to your business’ website
  3. Your leadership could translate into new opportunities such as speaking engagements, etc.
  4. If you are looking to raise capital, by demonstrating you are influential and have a major following, you will surely ensure confidence in potential investors

For more information about our results, check out OpenView Venture Partners‘ December Research Report: “Food For Thought.”
So ask yourself again… are you REALLY posting thought leadership content on your website?