Are You Helping Your Sales Prospects Find You?

by Fill the Funnel

LinkedIn is the premier social media site for lead generation according to HubSpot. Are you maximizing your use of the website in order to help your sales prospects find you?

Where should you begin with your LinkedIn rebuild? Miles Austin of Fill the Funnel suggests looking at your SEO to maximize the likelihood that you will pop up when your sales prospects are searching for your products. Here is a breakdown:

  • Headline: You should already know where this one is located. (Austin writes that “having ‘sales executive’ will not place you at the top of anyone’s search.”)
  • Summary: The summary should be where you document your most valuable features. Here, you must not forget the importance of brevity, but ensure that your prospects will be sold.

Your customers are out there, researching you, your company and your products. By positioning yourself to get found on LinkedIn, you’re gaining an opportunity to generate more leads. For more on this topic, read the full article by Austin.