Appealing to Your Competitor’s Customers


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In a post for the Sales Blog, Anthony Iannarino explains how to sell to your competitors customers.

“Your competitor’s most loyal and most secure clients are your dream clients,” he writes. “They spend a lot in your segment, and they have the types of needs and challenges that allow you to create massive value.”

Iannarino says you can win these clients over time by nurturing the relationships within your dream client’s account.

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He suggests providing clients with ideas and insights that create value for them—even though it is counterintuitive to share your ideas with your competitor’s dream clients.

“You make yourself known as a value creator so that when your dream client experiences some change, when there is some opening, you have paid in advance for the opportunity to work with your dream client,” he writes.

Iannarino says some of your loyal clients may be less secure than you might believe.

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To sell to your competitor’s unsecure clients, he suggests finding the pockets of dissatisfaction that do exist.

“You build and nurture those relationships,” he writes. “You learn the ground truth and make yourself valuable while you build towards an opportunity.”

For more on selling to your competitor’s clients, read Iannarino’s full post here.

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