Annual Review Process Made Engaging with These Tips

by Fast Company

Learn how to make the annual review process one that engages and helps your employees.

annual review

In an excerpt from their book The Engagement Equation, Christopher Rice, Fraser Marlow, and Mary Ann Masarech of BlessingWhite write that the annual review process is best when it skips “check-the-box corporate-driven online engagement plans” and instead gets your managers “talking to their people.”

The three authors offer a list of four ways to make the performance appraisal segment of your annual review one that taps “into personal engagement of employees.” Make sure that your appraisal “drives clarity of priorities and expectations,” and that it “provides fair and useful performance feedback.” Make clear that performance feedback “should be immediate and year-round,” and that you hold your managers “accountable for addressing performance problems with clear action steps.” Rice, Marlow and Masarech also describe five ways to improve the career coaching portion of the annual review, so that your employees actually feel engaged in the process.