All Aboard? 7 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Startup CEO Job

by VentureBeat

If you’re in line for a CEO post at a startup or expansion-stage company you’ve got a lot to consider. Before agreeing to be captain you have to thoroughly inspect the ship.

“Senior executive changes are happening at lightening speed in the tech space,” writes Ben T. Smith, CEO of ShopCo in a guest post for VentureBeat. “Seasoned managers move from one early-stage company to another, and from established companies and venture firms into the startup world.” In each case, asking the right questions is critical in order to avoid wasting time and energy, and worse yet, making a bad decision.

In order to determine whether a CEO position at any particular startup is truly the right fit and the right call, Smith recommends seven key do’s, including reviewing recent board decks, doing due diligence on departures, talking with users, partners, and customers, and gaining an understanding of the company’s financial position. He also suggests finding a way to sit in on meetings, have lunch with employees, and learn what a typical day looks like at the company. After all, that might be what your typical day looks like soon enough. For more on what you need to consider before signing up as CEO of a startup, read Smith’s full post here.

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