Agile: The Ultimate in Togetherness?

by Agile and Business

Is Agile the ultimate in business togetherness? Can it, unlike other strategies, not only bring a business closer to its customers, but also closer to its teams?

In his post on Agile & Business, Joe Little explores how Agile is drawing us nearer.

The Customer Knows the Problem, You Know the Solution

Customers just want their problems solved—they don’t want a “product” and sometimes they don’t have any specific “requirements.” So just solve their problem as simply as possible!

That’s perhaps too simplistic a way to look at customer research and customers themselves … but, Joe cautions, no two customers are exactly alike, so it’s not a catch-all philosophy.

You’re Deaf to Your Customers

There are many reasons why you can’t hear your customer clearly:

  • There are too many people in the process and too much noise
  • The topic is very abstract
  • The topic is in the future—it doesn’t even exist yet!
  • The topic is too “geeky” and confusing
  • We want to talk features—customers want to talk solutions

With Agile, Joe writes, you can bring your customers even closer to your business. And as they get closer, your team’s understanding of the customer improves, which, in turn, brings you closer to your team!