Addressing Five Common Cloud Fears

by VentureBeat

A level of unease will accompany every new technological development. It’s inevitable.

There will be questions and concerns pertaining to the technology that cause fear in companies and end-users. The cloud is no different. Although it’s entrance has been largely welcomed, a few fears do linger. In a recent post for VentureBeat, J.R. Storment,co-founder and chief customer officer of Cloudability, identifies a few of these fears. Here are his thoughts on some of them:

  • With respect to the cost of cloud, unnecessary accounts and overspending can wreak havoc on budgets. In turn, this can make the cloud seem more costly than it really is. The author suggests aggregating your accounts centrally to keep on top of costs, as well as reducing unnecessary or redundant accounts.
  • Another concern is demonstrable ROI. As with any other emerging technology, it’s still a bit of a challenge to show profitability in traditional terms. The secret here is to break away from this tired thinking and look at it in terms of the benefits of the cloud: scalability, accessibility, maintenance, etc.

For more ways to address five common cloud fears, read the full article by Storment.

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Photo by: Daniel Spiess