Adding Pizazz to Startup Board Meetings

by Both Sides of the Table

Board meetings are the bane of many professionals’ lives.


Having to sit through board meetings, especially when they’re crawling along, can be torture. And that’s the mentality that prevents participants from really getting much out of these meetings. In order to change this mantra, fundamental changes need to be made to the composition of the board meetings. The first thing you must focus on is brevity. You can’t run hour-long meetings unless it’s absolutely critical.

Meetings can be valuable. They’re a vital part of employee development. But they’re often organized poorly. One consideration you should make is to limit the meeting to two strategic topics. For example, instead of having expansive meetings about your marketing strategy and product development life cycle, hone in on both of these general topics.

If you prepare for your meetings, and limit them in time and scope, you can absolutely improve the effectiveness of your meetings. For more on this subject, read the full article by Mark Suster.