Achieve Growth without Salespeople or Sales Teams

by Inc.

How can you achieve exponential growth without salespeople or sales teams? Let your product do the selling.

In this guest post for Inc.Avondale co-founders Karl Stark and Bill Stewart write that “most high-growth companies don’t achieve their successes by hiring the best salespeople” or sales team. Instead, companies that deliver “a better product at a fair price” or “a standard quality product at a much better price” have the advantaged customer offer that “is the key to growth.”

Stark and Stewart spoke to other executives who verified that their best customers were never pitched a product directly, but “nevertheless became the business’s most valuable customers.” Instead of focusing on salespeople or a sales team, Stark and Stewart coach companies on building their business with an offer that entices customers without a big investment on sales or marketing. That thinking translates to a “business model that will stand on its own, without relying on advantaged selling.”