A Year in Review: OpenView Labs’ Sales Initiatives with the Portfolio in 2011

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What a year it has been!  I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with so many so many great sales and senior management teams  in our expansion stage portfolio, helping them build and develop their outbound prospecting engines. That being said, I thought I would dedicate my final post of the year highlighting the 5 key initiatives I’ve assisted the portfolio with this year.


In early 2011, I spent quite a bit of time in Boise, Idaho, working with Balihoo‘s sales organization. Check out our case study to learn about how the Labs helped the team hire 2 inside sales reps and a VP of Sales, Ron Clevenger, in record breaking time, not to mention get the sales team’s handbook buttoned up and processes defined in the meantime. THE RESULTS: Within months of Ron coming on board, the team had increased its productivity and number of closed deals by over 150%.  Ron is a rockstar VP —  I featured him in a blog post in October — check it out to get a feel for management style. Kudos to Pete Gombert, Balihoo’s CEO, and Matt Borud, on the Client Services and Program Management team, who were also very instrumental to the success of this new team.  More big things to come from Balihoo in 2012 – I know it!


In Q2, the Instructure team and Director of Sales, Cade Krueger, welcomed me to their office in Salt Lake City office to help launch a lead qualification team (Account Development Management team as they like to call it).  Check out my blog post from one of my visits to Utah.  The original ADM, Michael Rutkowski, caught EXTREMELY quickly (a former instructor himself, at BYU), and paved the way for the team that now has 8 reps (wow!)  in all calling into the higher education market.  The sales reps pipeline’s are now meatier than ever, and the team is gearing up for a very busy 2012 under the leadership, Jack Neinken, (formerly at Apple) who came on board as the Instructure’s VP of Sales in Q4. May the new year be fruitful for the Instructure team!


Led by Demand Generation Director, Richard Harris, I’ve seen the lead generation team at Mashery blossom into an opportunity creating MACHINE. To the reps that I worked closest with — Cass, Matt, Pat, Josh and the newest addition, CB — I couldn’t be more proud of this group’s focus, drive and progress in since starting in early Setember.   Now this is a passionate group — they created a Mashery logo pumpkin for Halloween (it was amazing!), they do research in the evenings/weekends to prepare themselves for the week of prospecting ahead, and they attend local hackathons to keep themselves connected (talk about a manager’s dream team). Here’s to a successful 2012, Mashery!



Looking for the needles in the haystack — that’s what Prognosis‘ Lead Qualification team is responsible for —  prospecting into smaller hospitals throughout the country who don’t have an EHR in place, or are looking for a better, more effective system so that they can achieve Meaningful Use and earn their government incentives on time.   Since their start in mid-Q3, Lead Qualification Specialists Lauren and Seku, hands down have more conversations on a daily basis than any other prospecting team I’ve worked with (10+ consistently)…Not to mention, their conversion rate from appointment set to opportunity created is jawdropping.  One if Seku’s first opportunities created actually closed just this week! I’m so impressed by the effort and enthusiasm on this team, and I am excited to see the opportunities that Lauren and Seku have found in recent months year close in 2012!


The newest class of outbound prospectors in the portfolio —  I am thrilled with the progress that Bill, Chris and Von have made at Xtium since starting in early November.   In just a month and a half, four of the prospects that they have introduced to the field sales team are in the proposal stage, and look very promising as Q1 deals. Going to work with the team in Valley Forge  (almost every week for the last month! check out one of my recent blog posts that talks about lessons learned last week while onsite with the team) has been so much fun —  Xitum’s three lead qualifiers could legitimately be stand-up comedians, and the management team Shawn, Peter and Tim have been SO great to work with as well.   I know that 2012 has some GREAT things in store for the Xtium team!

Happy New Year, and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with their family and friends. Can’t wait for 2012!