A Quick Example of Corporate Blogging

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This is a part of a series that was cre­at­ed to help you get the prac­tice of corporate blogging built into your com­pany.  This series will walk through the process, nec­es­sary roles, in addi­tion to guides for each role to help your com­pany get started quickly.


Balihoo Inc. began its corporate blog in May 2007. The original goal for the blog was to present the company’s executives as thought leaders, but because that goal was ambiguous, the blog lacked focus. In addition, only three or four people were blogging.


Balihoo relaunched its corporate blogging effort in January 2010. The new goal for the blog is to generate and convert leads. A person was appointed to manage the corporate blogging program.


Six months after relaunching its corporate blogging program, Balihoo has 20 to 25 employees blogging on a regular basis – that’s about half the company’s employees.

“It was easier to get our employees engaged once we had set goals…and now that we have a clear intention to convert leads, our posts contain more calls-to-action,” says Shane Vaughan, Balihoo’s vice president of marketing.

The blogging administrator measures and reports on the blog’s success on a monthly basis so all employees know how their efforts are paying off. A monthly meeting is held where recognition awards such as gift certificates are given out for “most blog posts,” “most page views,” etc.

Visitors that come to the Balihoo.com website from the blog are now converting at a rate 6X greater than that of the average conversion rate from other sources.

“This tells me that our blog is driving valuable, relevant customers to our site who are looking for the solutions we offer,” Vaughan says.

Next week, I’ll discuss the business benefits of blogging in greater detail.