A New Experience for a Boston Venture Captial Firm


operational support
Expansion stage at OpenView Venture Partners…The new space is almost done! We are holding a forum next week for our expansion stage portfolio companies and some prospects who are looking for investors.

From an operational support point of view, setting up this new space has been a challenge. Today I met with a catering company to go over the menu for the CFO Forum cocktail reception and meeting. I have always relied upon the banquet staff at the hotels we used in the past for all of the food and beverage needs for these meetings. I was shocked at the items I needed to now think about.

-table linens (if any at all)
-bar set up for cocktail reception
*how do we set it out?
*will we use their flatware or our own?
*how many will I need?
*do I use cloth or paper?
*do we use theirs or ours?
*paper or china?

The list could go on and on, it seems! I have set up as much as I can and will leave the rest up to learning on the job! It is going to be a great learning experience for me.