A Breakdown on Creating a Cohesive Brand Image


A brand image should manifest itself in all of the content created by a company, but how can a company without an image create one?

Margot Bloomstein, brand and content strategist at Appropriate Inc., discusses the process of creating a cohesive brand image as part of an overarching content marketing strategy. Companies with a recognizable brand are at a distinct competitive advantage when compared to competitors that have a less-developed identity, she says.

Your company’s goals should overlap — to an extent — with your goals for your brand’s image. If you want to drive sales, then your brand image should support that goal. Bloomstein offers one last valuable piece of advice: Don’t falter by using your brand to mimic companies that already exist. Leave that for the businesses that can’t distinguish themselves or their brand.

For more ideas for building a cohesive brand image, watch the video from OpenView Labs featuring Bloomstein.