A Book to Lose the Calling Blues

Are you paying your sales reps what they are worth?

“The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance: Earning What You’re Worth in Sales” is not a new book.  However, its powerful message remains true and useful even a dozen years after it was first published.

Written by psychologists George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson , the book is designed to help sales professional understand and resolve the issues that are keeping them from prospecting effectively.  Specifically, the book focuses on call reluctance and how to overcome it.

The book presents a bevy of factors that can squash prospecting efforts. A summarized version is presented below. Peruse the list and ponder whether or not you are self-sabotaging your sales efforts.

Are you…

  • Over preparing for the worst case scenario?
  • Spending all your time planning and not prospecting?
  • Showing  ofs success, instead of spending time becoming successful?
  • Suffering from stage fright?
  • Guilty or ashamed of being a salesperson or self-promoter?
  • Hesitant to be viewed as intrusive or forward?
  • Socially self-conscious or  afraid of upscale accounts?
  • Resistant to selling and marketing to friends?
  • Resistant to selling and marketing to family?
  • Uncomfortable asking for referrals?
  • Uncomfortable using phone to connect with prospects?

For a larger, more comprehensive look at this book, check out the full book review.  The review does a great job of breaking down pros, cons and key points and delves into the six procedures presented in the book to correct call reluctance issues.