9 Recruiting Tips: Get the Right Candidate Every Time

by Inc.

recruiting tipsLearn nine recruiting tips from an experienced CEO who’s hired hundreds.

Margaret Heffernan, author and past chief executive, presents nine recruiting tips that she’s learned from years of hiring in an article for Inc. When times are good for your company, Heffernan writes, you may, “in a rush of enthusiasm, hire great people who, nevertheless, could be wrong for the job, or your business.” To avoid that dilemma, Heffernan says you can start by focusing on writing job descriptions that “articulate how you want the work to be done, and the moral climate in which the company operates.”

Before hiring from the outside, Heffernan notes, be sure you don’t already employ the perfect person in a different position. Keep a careful eye on salary negotiations, start out new employees on a trial basis to make sure everybody’s happy after a couple of months, and “never sell your organization.” Instead, focus on “what constitutes success within your company and within the candidate’s professional and personal life.” If you’re both on the same page, then every new hire will be a great fit.