9 Distinguishing Characteristics of Remarkable Entrepreneurs

by Inc.

If we’re lucky enough, we’ve all known someone who we know is bound to succeed, no matter the circumstances. What is it that sets individuals like that apart?

“They are the few who possess qualities that don’t appear on balance sheets but do make a significant impact on the lives of their employees, industries, and communities,” writes Jeff Haden. In a post for Inc. he lists nine qualities of remarkable entrepreneurs, including the ability to find happiness in the success of others, the relentless desire to seek new experiences, and the motivation that they have something to prove to themselves.

“They don’t think work/life balance; they just think life,” Haden writes, and “they know that success if fleeting, but dignity and respect last forever.” For more on what separates remarkable entrepreneurs from the rest, read Haden’s full post here.

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