8 Ways for Scaling Companies to Keep the Startup Spark Alive

by Inc.

Once a company begins to grow and succeed it can be easy for it to lose the creative drive that got it there. Founders have to find effective ways to maintain a sense of urgency.

The expansion stage is no time for a company to start coasting. As tempting as it may be to let up on the gas, successful founders need to hold onto their drive and stay hungry. The Young Entrepreneur Council recently asked eight innovative professionals to sound off on what it takes to keep the creative fire burning through the scaling process.

Many of their answers centered on the importance of building a strong, passionate team in the first place, and making sure new hires are good fits within the company culture. “Keep in mind you can teach skills very easily, but teaching personality and attitude is next to impossible,” Lucas Sommer, founder of Audimated said. Another common chord was the importance of sharing both your business vision and responsibilities with your team. “One of the appeals of a startup is how much growth it affords its people,” advised Brent Beshore, founder of AdVentures. “Delegate so you don’t deny them that.”

For more tips on how to hold onto your company’s creative drive, read the full post from Inc.

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