8 Twitter Tools You Need to Start Using Now

by Inc.

Don’t blame Twitter if you’re not getting the results you want from your social media marketing campaign. Blame the fact that you’re probably not using the right tools.

Getting frustrated with sending tweets into the ether and not getting much back? Even the greatest painters need their brushes, and likewise, there are tools you need in order to take your tweeting from amateur to pro. In a post for Inc. Jeff Haden provides a list of eight great tools that can make your life on Twitter a whole lot easier.

Ever wished you could determine the best times for you to tweet for each day of the week? There’s an app for that called Tweriod. Ever find yourself wishing you could preview links in your feed without clikcing on them? There’s an app for that, too. It’s called Embedly. You probably never even guessed it was possible to turn all of your tweets into a full-fledged blog or branding page, including images and video previews. It is, thanks to Twylah. And if you’re not using ifttt then you’re missing out on the ability to publish a new blog post or star an item in Google Reader and have it automatically go out as a tweet.

Read Haden’s post for the full list of Twitter tools that can make your social media marketing more efficient.

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