8 Secrets to a Stress-Free Vacation (That’s Still Productive)

by Inc.

You’re going on vacation and this time you’re really going to disconnect from work completely. Let’s face it. We all know how well that turns out.

What’s the best way to minimize stress and maximize your relaxation during vacation? Stop pretending you’re going to unplug entirely, come to grips with reality, and get to planning, writes Inc.’s Jeff Haden, who recently received eight tips for preparing for a realistic partial disconnect — and a stress-free vacation — from  Jim Secord, CEO of Kashoo, a Vancouver-based online accounting software firm.

Instead of freaking out when you don’t have access to crucial files, make sure you upload necessary documents to a cloud service. Designate a single contact person to handle inbound queries and establish clear guidelines for what can wait, what they can handle, and what needs to be brought to you. Set check-in times and prep your team in advance. Above all, understand that everything will be okay.

“If you’ve set all the right expectations and have the right processes in place, everything will be fine while you’re gone,” writes Haden. Be realistic and prepare accordingly. Your staff, your family, and, yes, you will be glad you did.