8 Qualities of an Entrepreneur: Badassness Personified

by Inc.

Read eight qualities of an entrepreneur that set them apart from all other business leaders.

qualities of an entrepreneur

Fearless entrepreneurs “say yes first,” and then “figure out how to deliver” on those ideas, Jeff Haden argues in this post for Inc.com. It’s just one of the reasons why they are able to take on risks and challenges other business leaders can only balk at — and why they succeed.

Haden, of Blackbird Media, writes that the qualities of an entrepreneur are what set “true business badasses apart,” and proceeds to outline eight of those qualities.

“If you’re a true badass,” Haden says, “you think there’s a way to solve every problem.” Haden also points out that entrepreneurs “think differently than everyone else,” and go about tackling everyday tasks in new and exciting ways. Other qualities of an entrepreneur include their willingness to speak up, share their talents and skills, and disrupt the status quo. “Haters try to talk you into – or even scare you into – sticking with the status quo,” Haden writes, but he wants you to “be a true badass” and not listen.