8 Odd Tricks for Making Startup Magic

by Inc

When a company emerges on the technology scene and amasses 400 million unique visitors in approximately 15 months, people take notice. As a result, plenty of eyes are now focused on CloudFare, a cloud-based services company.

Soon after a meteoric rise such as this one, companies will attempt to replicate that same success using a similar formula. Imitation isn’t just a form of flattery in this case. Emulating a company like CloudFare has its benefits, as contributor to Inc., Jessica Stillman, explains. And there’s no shame in that.

How can you be more like CloudFare? Don’t be afraid to say “no.” Instead of feeling compelled to say “yes” to a large client or a high-profile VC, show restraint. Accept all deals on your own terms. If you rush to fund or take on an account that you’re not ready for, you may end up inadvertently hurting your business. For more tricks for making startup magic, read the full article by Stillman.

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