7 Ways to Express Your Aspirations

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This is a part of a series that was created to help you define what you aspire to be as a company. This series will walk through the process, necessary roles, in addition to guides for each role to define your aspirations quickly.

Once you are comfortable that you have created the right set of company aspirations, it’s time to communicate them to the entire organization.

Companies have different norms for internal communication, but some of the approaches that we have seen include:

  • Presentation by the CEO at a quarterly employee meeting
  • E-mail from the CEO to the staff
  • Posters, lucites, mouse pads, and other items that are publicly displayed
  • Staff meeting presentations from each of the senior managers
  • Posting the aspirations on the company Intranet
  • Posting the aspirations on the company website and/or in recruiting or corporate communications material
  • Presentation by the CEO to the company’s board of directors.

Your communication will not be complete without communicating to each person in three or more different ways. You cannot over-communicate aspirations, but you can easily under-communicate them, so spend the time to over-communicate!

Next week, I’ll discuss the third phase of developing your aspirations.