7 Must-Watch Videos for Successful Chief Marketing Officers

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Aside from the CIO, the Chief Marketing Officer is one of the more evolving roles in any industry. Paradigm shifts are common. Budgets are expanding. Responsibility towards the bottomline is becoming paramount to the success of the future CMO.

At Openview, we have the pleasure of interfacing with the best minds in the B2B SaaS industry on a daily basis. Why keep all the content to ourselves? Below you’ll find seven videos from the best minds in the marketing space on how to achieve success as a current and future CMO.

1. Getting Started: Success Secrets for Incoming CMOs

Jeanne Hopkins | SVP & CMO, Continuum Managed IT Services

2. Understanding Your Role: Growth Stage Matters

Brian Kardon | CMO, Lattice Engines

3. How the CMO Role Evolves at Different Growth Stages

Jeff Whatcott | Co-Founder & CEO, Outlearn

4. Diving in and Setting Expectations

Jeanne Hopkins

5. Keys to Building a High-Performing Marketing Team

Brian Kardon

6. Top 5 Skills You Need to Succeed

Brian Kardon

7. Qualities of the Best Modern CMOs

Jeff Whatcott

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  • Very interesting serie of videos, and also agree with many of them, here some of my fav’s bullets from the videos :

    # 1 : Setup priorities
    # 2 : What place is their strengths
    # 3 : Versatility really matters
    # 4 : CMO is a leader, they have remarkable influence with accountability and responsibility
    # 5 : Look for people with digital DNA and different kind of interest, but focus in one.
    # 6 : I like this : Messaging, Agilty ( so important ) comfortable with data, curiosity and willing to make mistakes.
    # 7 : Essential be familiar with data and comfortable with tech, in order to compete.

    I will talk about this topic on my podcast in spanish, very interesting and this article will my source.