Floor It: 7 Keys to Creating the Fastest High Performance Teams

by Kelly-Waters.me

Creating the fastest, most innovative high performance teams takes the right combination of motivation and structure. If you can manage to establish seven key principles the results will be stunning.

Executive coach and award-winning blogger Kelly Waters has 27 years of experience managing and observing re-structures. What set the ones that “were truly transformational and catapulted team performance to a whole new level?” Waters argues that there were seven extremely powerful principles in place that inspired and motivated the teams to remarkable new heights. He highlights and explains each one in this recent post from his blog, from focus and flexibility to the appropriate level of autonomy to thoughts on the ideal team size, talent, and stability.

In addition to “minimizing distraction and coordination and therefore reducing delays and bottlenecks,” Waters writes, establishing these principles also speaks directly to “Dan Pink’s intrinsic motivators: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. These are the things that really inspire people from within.”