7 Entrepreneur Mistakes that Will Keep You From Making it Big

by Mashable

Read seven common entrepreneur mistakes that prevent founders from making it big.

entrepreneur mistakes

Nellie Akalp, CEO of CorpNet.com, writes in this post for Mashable that all too often she sees entrepreneur mistakes take smart people “from thriving in the workplace to struggling as a business owner.”

Akalp presents “seven key reasons why some entrepreneurs fail to live up to their potential,” and warns right away that an entrepreneur needs more than just a passionate idea to be a success. She also needs to have a passion for running a business. Along with that, successful entrepreneurs can never feel the need to please, as that can lead to bending over backwards for others at the workplace and taking time away from the business’ core goals.

More common entrepreneur mistakes include an inability to work and make decisions on the fly, face failure, and manage time to avoid getting bogged down in busywork. “Being an entrepreneur is not easy,” Akalp says, and you have to enjoy the ride, “including the ups and downs.”