6 Ways to Stand Out as a Young Entrepreneur

by Mashable

young entrepreneurLearn six ways to prove yourself as a young entrepreneur, stand out in the crowd, and make a lasting impression on those who matter most.

Greatist CEO Derek Flanzraich writes that the young entrepreneur can “achieve the same level of success, recognition, and respect” as their more senior fellow founders, “so long as younger entrepreneurs recognize that there are some things they must do in order to thrive.” Flanzraich presents a list of six ways that a young entrepreneur can prove herself, including not being afraid to ask for help when needed, establishing a “meaningful online presence” that showcases your understanding of the web, and adding value to the communities you’re a part of. After that, you need to make an impact at industry events, avoid taking yourself too seriously, and above all, make sure that what you’re building and working to create is something that deserves to be noticed and celebrated.