6 Tech Recruiting Tips to Get the Top Talent

by VentureBeat

Learn six tech recruiting tips that can help startups land some serious talent, even in the face of big-name competition.

tech recruiting

Megan Hopkins of VigLink writes in VentureBeat that “tech recruiting is ruthless these days, and if you want to succeed, you have to know how to compete.”

Hopkins relates the story of one recent hire for her company, where the engineer she was after had “recruiters from other companies approaching him from all angles,” and she “pulled out all the stops” to keep him excited and engaged. She laments the cutthroat nature of tech recruiting, but says that she’s learned six tips that can help even tiny startups land rock-star engineering talent. Start by reminding your candidate to “focus on long term career success,” never assume you’ve landed a new employee just because she said yes, and “know that others will play dirty.” Read the full post for all of Hopkins’ tips.