6 SEO Myths Debunked

by Inc.

seo mythsDon’t be distracted by SEO myths when optimizing your site. Read about six commonly held beliefs that need to be forgotten.

Wpromote founder and CEO Michael Mothner writes in this guest post for Inc. that “in the world of online marketing,” SEO myths and misinformation are everywhere, “and it gets compounded exponentially by an incredibly dynamic and rapidly evolving world.” Mothner lists six SEO myths that “may have been true a few years ago but have changed,” along with one that “was always a myth.”

He starts by debunking the claim that metatags have any direct impact on rankings, as well as the long-held belief that “the more inbound links, the better.” He goes on to poke holes in more SEO myths, including the theory of PageRank still being a major indicator of ranking power, as well as sites having to be “submitted” to search engines. “Good SEO is about creating a relevant, informative website, with unique content and a great user experience,” Mothner writes, and “this is exactly what Google wants to reward with high rankings.”