6 Secrets to Better Customer Feedback

by Inc.

better customer feedbackBetter customer feedback means better products. Learn six strategies for getting beyond focus groups and gathering key insights.

Shop It To Me founder and CEO Charlie Graham wants your company to receive better customer feedback. “To get richer insights,” Graham writes in Inc., “you need to take some not-so-obvious routes” that avoid traditional methods like focus groups and field surveys.

To help jumpstart your feedback gathering, Graham presents six “secret listening tools.” His strategies encompass a range of tactics, including keeping your customer support in-house and well staffed, asking job interviewees about your products, and using “stubbed” features to test the waters before committing resources to developing them. “Track clicks on the link” to your stubbed feature, and if user interest is high enough, then you know you have a winner. Read the article for the full list of strategies and a detailed breakdown of how each can net you better customer feedback.