6 Leadership Traits that Good Managers Share

by Inc.

Good managers tend to have leadership traits in common. Read what six of those characteristics are and why they’re important.

leadership traits

Geoffrey James, sales blogger at Inc., is writing “a book about the future of sales and marketing,” and part of his research includes a decades-long study of leadership traits in management. Drawing from the data, James says that most successful managers tend to have six personality characteristics that help them lead.

First, James writes, good managers are “humble rather than arrogant” and focus on “coaching employees to perform to their highest potential” rather than concentrating on their own careers. Successful leaders stay flexible and adapt to meet changes, all while being straightforward and precise with employees. James also points out that one of the most important leadership traits is to be “patient rather than ill-tempered,” as missteps are inevitable. Dealing with those mistakes and challenges in a constructive manner is what makes a good manager.