6 Facebook Marketing Tips to Avoid Edgerank

by jeffbullas.com

Don’t let your Facebook marketing message be blocked by Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm. Learn six tips to keep your posts in your customers’ timelines.

facebook marketing

Jeff Bullas, social media consultant and blogger at jeffbullas.com, writes that the prevailing focus in Facebook marketing right now is an obsession with increasing “likes,” to the detriment of other important goals, such as “content creation, optimizing for search engines, and building email lists.”

Bullas warns that because Facebook uses its Edgerank control mechanism to limit the number of brand posts that appear in users’ timelines, you need to follow six Facebook marketing tips to ensure your posts are popping before users’ eyes and not being blocked. Bullas uses an infographic to illustrate these six tips, as well as the general rules for how Edgerank works.