6 Disciplines to Ensure a Great Customer Experience

by Fast Company

great customer experienceLearn the six disciplines that ensure your company delivers a great customer experience every time.

Authors Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine of Forrester Research write in Fast Company that companies that want to produce a great customer experience “need to routinely perform a set of sound, standard practices” that “fall under six high-level disciplines: strategy, customer understanding, design, measurement, governance, and culture.”

Strategy comprises your “high-level game plan” for great customer experience, while customer understanding is made up of a set of practices that “create a consistent shared understanding of who customers are, what they need, and how they perceive the interactions they’re having with your company today.” Design and measurement involve putting into practice the  desired customer interactions, and then tracking the results to ensure you can replicate those interactions going forward. “This is the age of the costumer,” write Manning and Bodine, and “if you want to succeed, you have to roll up your sleeves and do the work of building competence in these six disciplines.”