50 Sales Tips for Improving Front Line Revenue

by Score More Sales

Struggling with front line revenue generation? Get 50 tips for staying focused and effective when out on the sales beat.

front line revenue

Lori Richardson, sales consultant and blogger at Score More Sales, knows that building front line revenue is tough, especially when you’re tasked with “gaining access, having intelligent conversations, and working toward closing business every day.”

In order to help with your front line revenue, Richardson presents a list of 50 ideas to “jump-start sales.” Her ideas range from the simple, such as “listen harder” to “really hear what the prospect is telling you,” to the more involved, including “have a sales process and a sales methodology.” Many of Richardson’s ideas will help you stay on track for the long haul that is front line revenue generation, and they can be distilled into one of the final points on her list: “Be proactive” and “don’t wait for people to get back to you – stay in front of your next actions and opportunities.”